001 Ideabox

1. Black Hole Eclipse.

A "negative space", a literal black sun shaped hole in reality, which is slowly moving to eclipse our sun. High concept, hard to write effectively.—

2. Lizard Brain.

A memetic idea or a cognitohazard, that is to say, an image of a black sun which triggers something buried and primal in the human mind, behind the human shell. You may have heard of our hindbrain being referred to as our "lizard brain", but this effectively wakes that part of us up.
Ok, so the theory goes that the brain can effectively be split into sections as it gets more complex. Lizards are some of the oldest vertebrates, so their brains are very simple in most cases and deal heavily with instinct and control of the body, the flight or fight response comes from there, then you have the midbrain sections which fit other stages of mamallian evolution, and then our massive forebrains which are a very human thing.
This would effectively switch the main control of the body and mind from our thinking, rational centers to the primal, instinctual centers, people would still have thoughts but they wouldn't be thinking before acting.
Hyperemotional, instinctive, with less limits on behaviour and no restraint.—

3. Lost to Time

  • Texts that have been destroyed and lost to time take with it the knowledge scrawled upon it. The story of RPC-001 begins at a point in the past long forgotten. A settlement of early man, far more advanced than those we know of from their time, possesses knowledge of things almost arcane in nature. Many among them have become what is essentially an early form of the Authority, existing to contain things from their people that defy any and all explanation. One such anomaly, (insert idea for a prophet or prophetic item or text here), predicts that one day, "The sun will go black, the world will go dark, and mankind will be lost in the shadow cast." This end of the world scenario comes to pass in spite of the efforts of this "proto-Authority." And the world's most advanced people are lost to time, destroyed by themselves in the ensuing panic. Everything lost, to one of the world's first recorded solar eclipses.
  • Cut to modern day. The RPC Authority, in its earlier stages, have known of this civilization. Many elaborate tunnels exist as the only remains of these forgotten people, along with the few things that survived the end of their civilization. Like Greek fire, there are many technologies these people have developed, which over the years, the Authority has studied and put to use; the most notable example of harnessing such such technology is that of the use of Extergito Glyphs. There comes a day, however, when the cipher the Authority had been working on for many years is finally complete. The language of these lost people can now be translated, albeit roughly. RPC-001 would be the translation of the text pertaining to the solar eclipse and the destruction it brought with it. Therefore, the article should be written in an odd manner, one that reads almost like a botched Google translation. Ideally, the idea of the article will be conveyed through disjointed and occasionally fragmented but still legible text.
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