Pandora's Cardboard Box
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RPC-618 during an inactive state.


Registered Phenomena Code: 618

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Anti-Physical Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Self-Replicating Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-618 is to be kept in a 4x4x4 m containment cell at Site-016. Access to RPC-618 will be granted to personnel with level-3 clearance or higher. Alternatively, formal requests can be made to the Site manager for indirect experiments regarding RPC-618.

Description: RPC-618 is a crudely made 26x26x26 cm cardboard box, fixed together with tape and adhesives. The cap of the box is decorated with a floral pattern. The word “PANDORA'S" is written on the front face in purple crayon. Around it are stylized hearts, aces, spades, and diamonds drawn in crayons all around the object. The left side has the address: ████████, St. ██████, London1 printed on in black ink. On the back side, an instructive description of the RPC-618 instances can be found, which reads as follows:


If loks like this [A depiction of RPC-618-P is inserted] its is pastelens pestilense! don't get close. You get sik.

If he looks like this [depiction of RPC-618-W is inserted] it is war! It will fight you. but your are sroner stronger because you are angrier.

If looks like this [depiction of RPC-618-F is inserted] it is famin famen! you get hungryer if close. Don't get close.

If demon looks like this [depiction of RPC-618-D is inserted] it is death. death wil will fight you. dont fight death.

if all evil is open call +44 ██████████2

Most of the time, RPC-618 behaves as a normal object. It is only during an active state that RPC-618's anomalous responses manifest. This anomalous event is will now be marked as an RPC-618-HESOID event. During an RPC-618-HESOID, the insides of RPC-618 shifts producing an RPC-618-A instance. During an RPC-HESOID event, 1 of 4 instances will appear. These instances are designated as RPC-618-P, RPC-618-W, RPC-618-F and RPC-618-D accordingly. Each RPC-618 instances behaves differently to one another, personifying the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse in a childish view. An RPC-618-HESOID event will last an average of 2-4 hours.

Despite the intimidation one might receive when finding out the RPC-618-A instances are named after the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, it should be noted that despite the aggression the instances demonstrate, the instances are incapable of major harm. The most harm a subject ever received was a simple paper cut from RPC-618-D.


RPC-618-P in containment

Threat Hazards: Animated-Hazard, Sentient-Hazard, Bio-Hazard

Description: RPC-618-P is a 140 cm tall figure made in the shape of a "plague doctor" from the 17th - 19th centuries. It is made out of plastic, colored paper, and held together with masking tape. A purple balloon takes the place of its "head", with black paper joined to the top appearing as a hood. RPC-618-P's main body structure is made from 2 plastic boards, blue in coloration. On RPC-618-P's chest is "Mr. Pestlenes" [sic] written in black marker.

After manifestation, RPC-618 will drag itself around slowly, threatening to make any human it comes in contact with get sick. These threats are composed of grammatically poor sentences such as “Hello yes I am pestilence”, “I am the sick. I make sick”, “I will make sickness, you”, etc. Any human within a 5 m radius of RPC-618 will contract acute viral nasopharyngitis3. Though, RPC-618-P is sentient, it is incapable of high level reasoning or logical thought, only able to count to 10. When asked about the box or it’s creator, RPC-618-P will jump with excitement, praising the box or creator of creating a “Very smart sickness, I is”. It is suggested to all personnels that RPC-618-P is excluded from medical conversations.

During the ending phases of an RPC-618-HESOID event, RPC-618-P will jump back in to the box, officially ending the RPC-618-HESOID event.

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