Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Gamma-Red(Neutralization Order Under Review)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-emotional.png Emotional

Corrupted footage from an ASF helmet cam before an attack by RPC-509-1A entities.

Containment Protocols:
ASF Unit-120-B has been created to be permanently stationed around RPC-509 to combat the numerous hostile anomalous entities that periodically emerge from RPC-509. On-site units have set up designated "kill-zones" to ensnare entities by use of firing lanes with designated heavy weapons teams. Required ordinances used in the termination of RPC-509-1 instances must include high explosive incendiary ammunition in order to ensure the proper termination of RPC-509-1 beings.

If termination has not been done by the appropriate measures listed in the containment protocols, the corpse of the entity must be incinerated to prevent the spread of anomalous contagions. A mechanized infantry unit of 200 ASF soldiers coupled with 10 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles are to be deployed each and every time an instance of RPC-509-1F is spotted.

RPC-509 refers to the town of [DATA EXPUNGED], Mississippi, and a large slaughterhouse 3 miles away from it. The town has suffered extensive and massive structural deterioration over time due to the lack of maintenance for well over 30 years; this includes crumbling buildings, disintegration roads, and the development of plant growth on many of the buildings as to the lack of upkeep. With the entirety of the town populace being wiped out or kidnapped by RPC-509-1 instances or being evacuated by the 33rd Special Operations and the Authority, the Authority has taken copious measures of setting up security checkpoints near every road and defensive measures such as mines, ambush spots, and experimental sentry turrets alongside organic personnel.

While most buildings in the area are relatively normally ruined, some buildings have shown themselves to be extra-dimensional locations within their interiors that hold a high number of hostile entities and anomalies. These buildings have been designated as Charnel Houses: Charnel Houses can be observed having red organic pulsing growths on both its interior and exterior.

Corrosion is heavily significant in Charnel Houses and it is advised are to wear hazmat suits when entering a Charnel House. Charnel Houses contain a large number of RPC-509-1 instances and numerous environmental hazards such as blood portals that measure at around 2x2 meters and can teleport the victim to any number of locations throughout the slaughterhouse, 18,000 to [Redacted] gallons of blood that will form a large flood and drown anyone without proper equipment as well as calling a number of debilitating health effects to anyone without a hazmat suit, in-door weather environments such as large gusts of 40 miles per hour wind and acid rain, and a considerable number of other anomalous effects within "Charnel Houses". Currently, there are fourteen Charnel Houses located throughout the entire town and each has had a platoon of heavy weapons units assigned to patrol the outer perimeter of these buildings.

The slaughterhouse itself is made up of typical brick and steel in its construction with a volume of 30,000 cubic feet. However, despite the non-anomalous building materials that it is made up of, it has proven itself resistant to conventional demolitions and artillery. Moaning in the 0.5 decibels range can be heard every 60 minutes from the building and the source of this phenomenon is relatively unknown. It is believed that RPC-509 is the source of the RPC-509-1 instances that manifest into the Charnel Houses and the slaughterhouse itself.

Exploration within the main slaughterhouse has yielded many findings of what happened to the citizens of [DATA EXPUNGED], Mississippi. From rooms filled with mutilated corpses attached to hooks, vats filled with an unknown biological liquid, and entire pools of blood. It is currently theorized that RPC-509 acts as some sort of extra-dimensional biological processing center where various entities are turned into sustenance for RPC-509-1 instances. Another feature of the slaughterhouse is its ability to rearrange rooms and hallways within itself to confuse and lure unsuspecting victims into encountering RPC-509-1 instances or being killed by one of its numerous traps and hazards that manifest throughout the slaughterhouse. The hazards are found within Charnel Houses, but many of them have been reported as being affixed to the central anomaly itself. These traps include corrosive pools, trap doors that lead to a crimson void that pulls unsuspecting prey and burns them alive, and flooded water rooms where the victim is eaten alive by a voluminous number of anomalous aquatic mutant animals, to a portal of hooks and chains that mutilates the victim.

Heavily armed squads of MST and ASF teams have been sent inside of RPC-509 to collect data and information in regards to the nature of the anomaly, but the building has been getting more and more aggressive towards expedition attempts. Multiple ASF platoons have reported encountering RPC-509-1A instances in the [Redacted] in an unusually large frozen meat locker room. This aggression is cited to be part of an attempt by an MST known as the Vanguard Bombers who bombarded the slaughterhouse with experimental artillery designed to destroy anomalous structures, vehicles, and creatures during Incident RPC-509-35F.

RPC-509 was discovered on March 15th, 1976 in which a series of murders involving mutilation and significant dismemberment occurred in the town of ███████1, Mississippi. Authority agents monitoring the situation quickly intervened and a cover story of a violent riot over food shortages was fabricated to prevent the incident from being discovered by public news outlets. When the US National Guard was deployed to the situation, they were met and terminated by RPC-509-1 entities and or brought inside of RPC-509. When the Authority discovered the incident and the failing containment efforts by the American AOI 33rd Special Operations, rapid deployment of an ASF was made into the town of ███████ to prevent any further National Guard or 33rd Special Operations casualties. Heavy weapons teams and light armored elements were able to neutralize most of the hostile threat entities in the area and set up containment operations around RPC-509 afterward. All resources used by the 33rd Special Operations in the containment efforts of RPC-XXX were then transferred over to the Authority to keep the anomaly from further reaching out.

During an authorized expedition into the main slaughterhouse on June 14th, 2013. An ASF team discovered the remains of several members of the 33rd Special Operations. There was one survivor who was brought in for interrogation for a brief moment before the individual detonated a fragmentation grenade, killing both him and four Authority personnel in a suicide caused by delirium. It is unknown how the 33rd Special Operations were able to make a presence within RPC-509 as they were able to create a small encampment from information recovered inside of the camp as they took significant losses during their long skirmish with RPC-509-1 entities. Their purpose was to explore and possibly research the extra-dimensional and biological pathogens inside of RPC-509, but all personnel would be dragged by RPC-509-1C entities into various tunnels created by RPC-509. Survivors who were caught by RPC-XXX-1C instances would be terminated and vivisected by RPC-509-1C entities. Ten days later, a high-frequency distress signal measuring at around 100 kilohertz was intercepted. It is unknown where the signal came from, but it has been postulated that the signal came somewhere at a depth of 60 miles beneath RPC-509.


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