An address from the desk of G5-01 Olympus:

Hello agents, hello doctors, hello to all members of the AEP Association. The council has decided it would be prudent to address everyone in the face of recent events. There have been many questions asked in the aftermath of the Ethos Event. "Who are we really?", "What are we doing?" and most importantly "What gives us the right?" Well needless to say these questions have raised a great deal of concerns however we seek to rectify that.

Who are we really?

We are the AEP Association, we aquire the anomalous in hopes of studying and further understanding of how they work, we are humanity's mind. We enclose the anomalous within great cages keeping them from the general population ensuring humanity remain unaware of what lurks in the dark, we are humanity's shield. And finally we protect humanity from the anomalous at great risk to ourselves no matter the cost, We are humanity's sword.

What are we doing

"What are we doing? To put it simply, the world is in danger. When I say the world is in danger I'm not speaking of war or disease or environmental damages, What I'm speaking of is The Anomalous. What is The Anomalous you ask? Well to put it simply The Anomalous is anything that violates the basic beliefs of humanity. Whether it be an eldritch abomination, A group of sentient toys, or beings that travel the very dimensions there is a wide variety of things out there that humanity is not capable of dealing with, we protect humanity from these threats.

What gives us the right

The answer to this is obvious. Humanity is not ready, they are not capable of stopping the threats anomalies pose. We do things that are wrong, we do things that are "evil", but ends in the case very much justify the means. We fight so they do not have to, we bleed so they don't have to, we die so they don't have to. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect them. The real question is, are you?

We gaze into the abyss so humanity as a whole may stay within the light.


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AEP-006 - Red Gate
AEP-009 - Artic Sludge
AEP-010 - Iron Key
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