agent star 11



Registered Phenomena Code: 030

Object Class: Neutralized

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Transmutable Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-030 is neutralized and as such does not require containment.

Description: RPC-030 was a mutagenic compound. This compound contained the DNA strands of 27 known animal species, and several that were unknown at the time of testing. If RPC-030 is introduced into the bloodstream of or ingested by a living homo sapien it will cause a violent and sudden reaction in which the subjects DNA strands recompose and the animal DNA will attach itself in various ways. All subjects used for testing deceased and all testing postponed before RPC-030 itself was lost during MST mission 030-1 acted out by ECHO-13 "Charlie's Anglers".






Interview log 30-A:

Interviewed: Current Leader of ECHO-13, "Charlie's Anglers"

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Gibbins

Foreword: The hiring interview for the MST currently known as "Charlie's Anglers"

<Begin Log, 8:30 on Wednesday, October 11th>
Gibbins: Recruitment tape for the proposed ASF/MST. member…Rip was it?
Rip: That's right, and don't you forget it! My boys and me were promised a job, and we're here to collect.
Gibbins: Wait, there’s more of you?
Rip: You’ve got a hearing problem? I said me and my boys; what, you thought it was just little old me?
Gibbins: Our intel only specified you as one of the few remaining mutants who survived that > eruption

<Researcher Gibbins is called out of interview room>
Gibbins: I’ll be right back… <2 mins pass and Researcher Gibbins returns>
Gibbins: Ok, here’s what we can do. Given that you and your team are all affected by RPC-030-
Rip: That the chemicals?
Gibbins: Yes. Given that you and your team are all affected by 030 and possess enhanced strength and speed, alongside your operations back in Chimera Tec. We will be offering you and your team a permanent job here at Site-16.
Rip: Now that’s what I like to hear! What are the terms?
Gibbins: Your team will be authorized as security for RPC-030, but in the case of any new instances of 030-1, your team will be mobilized to retrieve or neutralize them.
Rip: I’ll tell the rest of the gang and we’ll be here in a few days
Gibbins: No need, tell us your location and we’ll be there to transport you to Site-016
<End Log, 9:45, Wednesday, October 11th>

Closing Statement: By order of the site leader all related personnel at this time are given class 3 security clearance. These personnel would be assigned to ASF/MST squad Echo-13, later given its code name, "Charlie's Anglers". This was also the date that the Authority acquired all legal rights to Chimaera Tec. from its previous owner and CFO Dr. ██████ ██'████████████.


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