Agent Star 3 (MST


Numerical Name: Echo-13

Codename: Charlie's Anglers

Current Location: Aircraft Carrier Base off the Southern coast of Greenland, which contains Site 16. (MST previously located on an unnamed, natively unoccupied Island in the Caribbean Sea. Co-owned at the time by the Authority and Chimaera Tec.)

Task force Priorities: Site Protection, Containment Missions, detaining of enhanced and anomalous individuals.

Established: December 29th, 2002.

Task-force Overview: Task force comprised of previous security and freelance employees of Chimaera Tec.
Used for their versatility in underwater, deep sea, air, and industrial missions for their enhanced abilities.
All members have undergone gene experimentation to enhance themselves for combat and utility.

Taskforce Composition

  • Command Staff: 3(formerly 4) enhanced Personnel, 20 overseers with clearance 4 permissions.
  • Urban/Industrial Division 203 Personnel. 200 equipped with urban camo body armor, 3(formerly 7) enhanced staff with abilities for urban missions.
  • Aquatic Division 305 Personnel, 100 equipped with air tanks, armored scuba gear, and spear guns. 200 on base for active embarking. 5 enhanced Personnel with abilities for water-based missions.
  • Air DivisionAir Squadron Formerly 3 enhanced Personnel, currently 75 non-enhanced Personnel for use of the Squad's 10 Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk Helicopters.
  • Total Personnel: 606 active Personnel


Standard Firearms


The Kraken, reg. 11/24/2001

  • Combat Knife: Tanto
  • Pistol: Ceska Zbrojovka CZ-97B
  • Rifle: MKEK MPT-76
  • Shotgun: Izhmash Saiga 12-K
  • Sniper: Accuracy International AWM
  • Anti-Materiel: Barrett M82A3
  • Rocket Launcher: Saab Bofors Dynamics Carl Gustaf M4
  • Anti-Air Launcher: Raytheon Missile Systems FIM-92 Stinger

Experimental Firearms

  • Sonic Based Rifle: Nucorp XAR-45
  • Plasma Based Shotgun: Nucorp PXS-12

Completed Missions

Containment Assignments


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