Security Clearances

Clearance levels are used to distinguish any and all acting personnel's secure access to Authority information and services.
Security clearance levels and associates access codes or equipment are given to all personnel, including temporary staff of lesser clearances.
This includes all sub-directorates and hub divisions.

The Authority’s clearance levels are arranged according to the colors of the visible spectrum in the traditionally ordered colors of a refractory phenomenon [Rainbow].

All key-cards are issued in their clearance color. With an identifying picture, clearance credentials, and magnetized strip for access on the reverse. The Authority logo in black on its face.

Color Clearance Classes


Color clearance cards. Braille and enlarged text available to all personnel with visual impairments.

White Clearance (Level 0) -

White plasticine keycard with clearance for Authority meal dispensers and low clearance entrances only.
Generally given to contracted workers with no Authority involvement, and volunteer test subjects.

Red Clearance (Level 1) -

Low-importance Authority personnel who deal directly with anomalies very rarely, but still require an awareness of Authority operations and protocols due to interfacing with other personnel.
This includes clerical staff (secretaries, etc.), accountants, staff for front corporations, and government and organizational liaisons.

Orange Clearance (Level 2) -

Security and research personnel who deal directly with lower-risk anomalies in their work and require access to key information regarding such anomalies. Research staff and many security guards and field agents hold this level.

Yellow Clearance (Level 3) -

The bulk of Authority personnel work in Yellow and Green clearance. Middle-risk anomalies (i.e. most Beta-class objects),easier-to-contain Cognito-hazards, and low-danger memetic anomalies.

Green Clearance (Level 4) -

The mid-level management staff of the Authority. Senior personnel, officers, and research staff assigned to most mid-risk anomalies. Clearance level is similar to Level 3, but personnel can lead lower level staff members in assigned groups.

Cyan Clearance (Level 5) -

Veteran research officials, high-ranking security officers, Directorate and Site leaders, and other personnel who need access to complete information regarding the anomalies they must deal with. They also have peripheral access to many other anomalies they do not engage with directly for greater coordination capacity. This also covers elite security personnel and high clearance operatives.

Violet Clearance (Level 6) -

The uppermost levels of Divisional staff as well as certain Directorate Chiefs. Provides high levels of access to information and intelligence on anomalies at a regional, continental, or even global scale.

Black Clearance (Level 7) -

Given exclusively to the Authority’s highest level of command [Global Directors]. This includes absolute unrestricted awareness of all or nearly all anomalies, related information, and documents.

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