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Still photo captured of RPC-XXX from video footage during RPC-XXX's capture on █/██/1997.

Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Climatological Hazard, Geological Hazard, Grouped Hazard, and Regenerative Hazard.

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained on Floor 14 ██ at Site-002 within a 90x16x90 meter cell, with walls composed of 25 cm of reinforced polymer lined with 38cm of Polycarbonate. The interior of RPC-XXX's containment cell is to replicate the forest biome found in Eastern Kentucky. RPC-XXX's cell is to be secured at all times by an ASF security team of no less than one 6-man squad, performing routine patrols around the exterior of RPC-XXX's containment cell on a 24-hour basis, rotating on a daily schedule. In addition, RPC-XXX's cell will be installed with visual and audio monitoring devices that will be overseen by no less than four class-B personnel on a 24 hour basis. Given RPC-XXX's ability to traverse through sedimentary matter, the interior perimeter of RPC-XXX's cell will be composed by a row of 0.5 square meter HDPE high density plastic blocks. Bi-weekly, a population of no more than five Odocoileus virginianus "White-tailed Deer" are to enter RPC-XXX's containment cell for feeding and hunting purposes.

Entry into RPC-XXX's cell will only be granted to personnel with permission from at least two Class-B Supervisors. Personnel entering RPC-XXX's cell are to be accompanied by no less than four ASF security officers and are not permitted to traverse RPC-XXX's containment cell unaccompanied. D-class personnel may be permitted for testing with RPC-XXX with Level 3 clearance or higher.

Description: RPC-XXX is a skull of an unknown carnivorous species, however astute visual observation alludes to it being primate in origin, with a heavy resemblance to the Hominidae family. RPC-XXX's most distinguishable features are the two large protruding tusks substituting where the canines, molars, and premolars would normally be located in most primate species, one currently intact with the other sustaining heavy damage.

RPC-XXX excretes a blackish-red substance from every opening of the skull. Designated as RPC-XXX-A, the substance seems to be a hybrid compound of various human blood-types and an unknown grain like-matter comparable to soil or sand. Through unknown means, RPC-XXX is capable of manipulating RPC-XXX-A in mass quantities to form a full body for itself.1.

RPC-XXX's body structure is quadrupedal, standing on average at around 2.4 meters tall and resembles a combination of Ursine and Primate species. Each leg ends in a two-pronged set of sharpened appendages, with the front estimated to be as long as 75 cm in length while the back legs are significantly shorter, at an estimated length of 15 cm.2 X-ray and CT scans reveal that RPC-XXX lacks any organs, bones, or common bodily systems within the confines of RPC-XXX-A, yet despite this, RPC-XXX can perform a vast array of locomotive and vocal actions through substance manipulation of RPC-XXX-A. Actions range from running speeds up to 28 km/h to the ability to emit a roar exceeding 115 decibels.

with the exception of two ocular muscles, both located with the confines of the skull's orbits. Both are a distinct oval-shape, lidless and lack both pupils and irises.

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