Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained within a standard containment chamber in the Light Containment Zone at Site-005. RPC-XXX's chamber is to be kept darkened and monitored by at least 3 infra-red cameras. Under no circumstances should any personnel enter RPC-XXX's chamber. All personnel assigned to RPC-XXX are provided with infra-red goggles, in the event of a containment breach.

RPC-XXX is to be provided with one porcine corpse per fortnight, delivered via an automated delivery system. When RPC-XXX has fed and is at rest, the chamber should be cleaned via the same system.

Any reports of uncontained RPC-XXX specimens, however verifiable, are to be investigated by MST Delta-5 “Creepy Crawlies" and said specimens terminated at the discretion of the Squad Commander. Update 24/3/17 - Due to the commencement of Project Tarnhelm1, all uncontained specimens of RPC-XXX are to be brought to Site-005 for research.

Description: RPC-XXX appears to be an unnaturally large cellar spider (Pholcus phalangioides). RPC-XXX has grown to an unnaturally large size of approximately 60 cm, and possesses an exoskeleton formed from a material resembling conventional chitin, with the same level of durability. One key difference is the presence of a previously undiscovered photo-sensitive compound (provisionally named ████████████████████) that renders RPC-XXX visible only on the infra-red spectrum. Research is currently focused on finding a method of synthesizing this compound.

RPC-XXX is a strict carnivore, and hunts prey via the use of a long proboscis with a barbed tip. Observation has shown that RPC-XXX has a preference for vertebrates, particularly large mammals. RPC-XXX neutralizes prey by inserting the proboscis into the brain at the base of the skull. In roughly 40% of cases2, this results in immediate death of the host. Post-mortem examination of corpses shows that RPC-XXX exhibits a preference for spinal fluid and brain matter, although it may also liquefy and consume organs and even bone through the secretion of a mildly acidic substance.

During the process of feeding, RPC-XXX can temporarily control corpses via neuron stimulation. Indicators of RPC-XXX's control include severely impaired motor control and speech, slow memory recall and increased muscle weakness. It is currently unknown how RPC-XXX achieves this - one theory proposes that the entity possesses a degree of intelligence, whilst another proposes that it can actively 'read' memories stored in the brain3. RPC-XXX typically uses corpses in this manner whilst feeding until the host is too badly decayed to be of any use. It is currently unknown how much (if any) self-awareness hosts retain during this process.

Addendum - Recovery: RPC-XXX was first brought to the Authority's attention by agents embedded within the ██████████ Police Department, ██████████. The aforementioned department received a report of a veterinarian exhibiting strange behavior after visiting a local farm that was a suspected source of Foot & Mouth disease. MST Romeo-7 "Suited Gentlemen" were dispatched to apprehend the person of interest. It was only in custody was RPC-XXX discovered, and was promptly contained. The veterinarian did not survive.

Addendum - Excerpt from Project Tarnhelm Progress Report (██/██/██): Whilst satisfactory progress has been made in in regards to the study of RPC-XXX and ████████████████████, an effective and cost-efficient method of synthesis is yet to be achieved. Furthermore, sample gathering is proving to be a hazardous process. In the past month, a total of 16 D-Class personnel and two researchers have been lost to RPC-XXX. Safety measures such as Kevlar collars etc. only have an average 65% success rate. If results cannot be delivered in a timely manner, a termination of the project may be given serious consideration. - Dr. ██████


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