The following file describes an amnestic anomaly, and is Level 5/565 Classified.

Unauthorized access is forbidden.


Registered Phenomena Code: 565

Object Class: Omega-Red

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard (?), Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard, Mind-Regression Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols

RPC-565 itself cannot be contained, as its rate of incidence is way too large for effective containment of a sizable proportion of infectees, and its cause constitutes a pivotal element of Authority operations. As such, containment efforts are to be focused around the spread of misinformation, in order to frame RPC-565 as a non-anomalous disease to the public.

As of 04/06/2017, OL-Site-223, Site-223's previous Amnestics Wing, is to remain locked and isolated from contact. Due to OL-Site-223's construction and current automatic lockdown state, no further reinforcements or alterations to its structure or composition are necessary; its inner walls are projected to hold for long enough for a cleanup operation to succeed. MST Juliett-9 ("Aperture's Subjects") has been assigned to OL-Site-223, in hopes of carrying out a successful cleanup.

Echo-25 ("Dreaded Out") are to assist in tracking of Type-II RPC-565 infectees, and assist in containment of resultant ██████.

Further operations regarding memotic feeders are to be transferred from Research Division jurisdiction to Black Site Department.


RPC-565 is an anomalous, widespread neurodegenerative disease, known by the public as [REDACTED]. RPC-565's main characteristic consists on the gradual disappearance of neurons and synapses. Rather than affected cells dying of natural causes, they appear to shrink and disappear. This process can affect large amounts of cells at the same time, leading to segments as large as 2cm2 disappearing, with all affected cells being moved towards a single center before disappearing.

After the initial onset of RPC-565, nightmares become unusually frequent, increasing in occurrence as the disease progresses.

While RPC-565 is believed to have affected humanity since at least the 12th century, the first known case was identified in 1901, by German psychiatrist █████ █████████. Before 1990, RPC-565's rate of occurrence is believed to have been similar to that of a rare disease, affecting no more than 3.000 known individuals in 1947. However, following a critical change in the composition of amnestics produced by the Authority, the number of affected individuals have skyrocketed, having 26.6 million1 known cases in 2006.

In 2009, a vote by the Global Directorate rejected the replacement of Class A amnestics, citing the lack of any easily producible and versatile amnestic that could fill a similar, all-purpose role. Given that Class A amnestics are pivotal in large-scale Authority operations, no attempt has been made to reduce their usage.

Further studies conducted by Site-223 personnel have indicated that potentially all persons afflicted with RPC-565 have, at one point in their lives, been administered Class A amnestics.

RPC-565 is known to progress in two different ways;

Type I: RPC-565 progresses at a steady pace, impairing learning and memory. Oral and written language becomes similarly impaired, with vocabulary and fluency gradually decreasing. At later stages, independency becomes impossible, as well as communication through writing, reading and speech are irreversibly affected. A common symptom during this stage is the failure to recognize loved ones. Complex motor movement is eventually hindered, forcing an affected individual to rely on caretakers.

Type II: RPC-565 progresses at an exponential rate, showing regular symptoms, if accelerated. However, after a short period of time, affected subjects suffer from drastic ████ ██ ███████, █████ ██ ████████. ████████ ███████ ████ █ ██████. ████ ██████ ██ physical memotic feeder manifestation. Resultant █████ ██ ████ █████, increasing the amount of nearby memotic scalars, and encouraging further feeder growth. At this point, spread ███████ ███ █████ to contain in the immediacies of Patient Zero, necessitating total lockdown. █████ ███ ██ ████ ████ ██ cases have not occurred outside Authority Sites to date, current technologies are ineffective against hostile ██████ ███████ ████ ██, █████ ██████ ██████ █ █████. It is believed that these ████████ are technically spectral in type, although no related technology availible to the Authority has proven effective either. ███████ █████ ███████████ ███████ ████ █ ██████ amnestic usage should be reduced in order to prevent onset.

Type II RPC-565 was first discovered during 04/06/2017, after [DATA EXPUNGED]

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