Registered Phenomena Code: 560

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard,

Containment Protocols:

RPC-560 is to be confined within a 4 meter by 4 meter chamber with a meter thick lead coating. The room should be armed with a infrared camera for monitoring RPC-560 in his spectral state. The room must be outfitted with a microphone and speaker for communicating. The entrance to the chamber should be comparable on how a airlock works.

It is mandatory that a trio of CSD are to be stationed at the entrance hall armed with a standard issue M16A2 as of 2004 M4 Carbine as of 2005. RPC-560 cannot pass through any material with a density of ~10 g/m3. Therefore RPC-560 can be dispatched using armor piercing bullets consisting of tungsten carbide which has a density of ~15.6 g/m3

Maintenance Protocols


RPC-560 also known as Shroud throughout the facility although the exact origin of the name is currently unknown. RPC-560 is a elusive human with the anomalous ability to move through solid matter of a reasonable density. RPC-560 does this by suppressing the fundamental force of electromagnetism allowing him to shift through the empty space between the nucleus and electrons. RPC-560 wardrobe consists of a gray gas mask ,a deep black hoodie, a pair of gray gloves, and military boots.

RPC-560s weapon of choice is the Karabiner 43 rifle along with a German-made Luger pistol, although a machete blade is also utilized by RPC-560. RPC-560 has shown significant signs of intelligence and malicious orchestrating. It’s been observed that RPC-560 has the faculty to verbalize in a multitude of different languages.1


At 5:32 A.M in the German state of Bavaria the Authority was contacted by a scout stationed in Bavaria who received a report detailing a “shadow man” who was terrorizing denizens of [REDACTED], Germany. Authority MST Whiskey-1 under the code name “Sly Fox” were deployed at the area. Commander Wolff and his men rushed to the scene.

After they arrive they are immediately welcomed with visible civilian casualties. A surveillance drone which scouted ahead before their arrival had detected the presence of a ghostly entity by using its infrared detection instruments. Suddenly they were met with gun fire from RPC-560 which critically wounded a Whiskey-1 unit. After returning gunfire with their KRISS Vector sub machine guns RPC-560 became nebulous in appearance and appeared to dematerialize.

A strong wind flew at them when RPC-560 rematerialized behind a unit. RPC-560 then plunged a machete into its victims side causing the unit to collapse. RPC-560 then dematerialized and flew toward another unit to materialize again. The unit then fell over dropping his gun after being shoved by RPC-560. The unit quickly improvised and prehended a lead pipe in close proximity and swung at RPC-560 who dematerialized to evade getting smited. Somehow the pipe had been able to strike RPC-560 who later fled the scene.

After the discovery that RPC-560s phantom form could be effected by dense materials Whiskey-1 ordered for a lead plated shipment van to be drove over to the location. It took them 42 hours to contain RPC-560. Then they were able to locate and then lure RPC-560 into the van where he was later imprisoned.

Test Logs & Documentation:


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