Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Alpha White

Hazard types: Sentient hazard, Extra-dimensional hazard, Psychotronic hazard



Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX-1 is to be monitored at all times via remote camera feed. In the event of a person or a mammal roaming freely inside RPC-XXX-1, it is to be removed from the place and be administered amnestic if deemed necessary. A regular decontamination is to be done once a month to RPC-XXX-1 in order to prevent more manifestations of RPC-XXX-A instances.

Agents are to reside in the households affected by RPC-XXX excluding RPC-XXX-1. At least one Authority Agent is to be present in RPC-XXX's area of effect at all times to ward civilians from entering RPC-XXX-1. Should any individual successfully damage RPC-XXX-1, Authority personnel are to immediately administer amnestics and medically assist said individual

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation of the phenomena affecting the street ████████ of Phoenix, Arizona; which includes five houses, with RPC-XXX-1 being identified as the epicenter of the strange behavior. The houses inside RPC-XXX have the functions of some objects inside them (such as furniture, electric appliances, etc) being redirected at other devices at random. The anomaly affects any object that involves a mechanical or electric activation mechanism of any sort, and affected objects are unable to be returned to their original purpose.

RPC-XXX-1 is a house within the above-mentioned street, being previously owned by Mr. R████ before reaching Stage C of the anomaly (See Addendum Nº1). The anomalous properties of RPC-XXX-1 manifest anytime an individual is inside the household for a period longer than 24 hours. While the rate of which the changes manifest fluctuates proportionally depending on the number of individuals inside RPC-XXX-1, 24 hours is the threshold where the Stages begin appearing. RPC-XXX-1 is also affected by mammal animals inside it, being their mass that accelerates the rate.

Any attempt to disturb RPC-XXX-1 facade or intern structure will result in the instant return of the damage dealt to the structure towards the body of the aggressor(s), which can lead to death in some cases.

The Stages of RPC-XXX are the following:

  • Stage A: Some objects inside RPC-XXX-1 will change their functions, independently of their components or their signal range, reaching the exterior of RPC-XXX-1 when uncontained. Affected objects are classified as RPC-XXX-A1
  • Stage B: Subjects inside RPC-XXX-1 will go through a slight decrease in body mass and dehydration. At this point, RPC-XXX-1 becomes self-sustainable, being its own energy source and water supply. From this point on, RPC-XXX-1 generates its own food, which manifests inside RPC-XXX-1's fridge. Food generated by RPC-XXX-1 does not display anomalous behavior and is completely similar to their natural counterparts. In this stage, subjects begin to object about a phenomenon manifesting in their dreams, described as a "basement" in which subjects are held captive (henceforth referred to as RPC-XXX-B). Said basement retains subjects for 20 minutes at its initial appearance, being capable of reaching an unlimited amount of time, independently of the time the subject is asleep in the physical world2
  • Stage C: Stage C will only display if the subjects start to actively show an aggressive reaction towards RPC-XXX-B, jeopardizing the structure of it since damage seems to be consistent between dreams. At this stage, the time of captivity experienced by RPC-XXX-B will decrease, but the subject's metabolism drastically increases, while food created by RPC-XXX-1 decreases in quality. Once a wall inside RPC-XXX-B is sufficiently damaged, a second wall is revealed beneath the wooden facade (now referred to as RPC-XXX-C).

RPC-XXX-C's structure strongly resembles that of human flesh, allegedly showing blood vessels as well. Testing revealed that, when wounded enough, RPC-XXX-C emits light at the other side of the wound, with further damage amplifying the luminescence generated by RPC-XXX-C. Attempts of fleeing RPC-XXX-B's captivity being led by the light have two effects: The physical body of the dreaming subject will fade into the furniture it was dreaming, and will slowly emerge from a random surface inside a house within RPC-XXX area after a time period of 10 minutes, awaking at the instant; in the subject's dream, its body is transported through the insides of RPC-XXX-C, reaching a seemingly third wall which "feels as if it was made from concrete" being pushed through it until the subject wakes up.

Once Stage C is finished, the house can display RPC-XXX-A manifestations which can last a max. of 8 days before fading completely until a new victim is acquired

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