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RPC-XXXX, taken 5 hours after manifestation in Canada.

Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Climatological Hazard, Ecological Hazard, Geological Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Anti-Physical Hazard, Teleportation Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard.

Containment Protocols: Due to the Authority's lack of knowledge about RPC-XXXX's methods of relocation, no effective containment protocols can be established at this time; however, several GPS trackers have been placed within RPC-XXXX, allowing for its manifestations to be tracked globally. Personnel on-site at the time of manifestation should be subjected to a thorough medical exam. Authority personnel that were within RPC-XXXX at the time of manifestation should be transferred to a hospital under the control of the Authority, and should be quarantined for up to 24 hours. If these personnel show no signs of a degrade in mental stability, they may be reinstated; however, if any form of mental instability is present, said person must be admitted to weekly psychology sessions. When said person has recovered, they may be reinstated, though bi-weekly psychology sessions must still occur, as to monitor their mental health.

In the event that any interaction between the general population and RPC-XXXX occurs, said person(s) should be interviewed (and possibly administered low-class amnestics); however, if a subject interacts with RPC-XXXX during a manifestation, said subject(s) should be given low-class amnestics and kept under supervision by surveillance equipment. Subjects should be interviewed, but integration as a CSD person is discouraged.

Testing on RPC-XXXX may occur, though vandalizing it is prohibited; however, if any mess is created, a janitorial crew can be dispatched to clean RPC-XXXX. Usage of animals and other organisms is allowed, though the usage of CSD personnel is discouraged (please refer to Addendum 1.2). Repairs of RPC-XXXX should occur on a bi-weekly basis, and at least ten minutes after a relocation has occurred.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a motel containing 6 rooms on a single floor, including a basement. The area of each room measures out to be 3m2, and the building itself is approximately 3 meters in height. The building's exterior is constructed primarily of wood (with the exterior walls being plastered over). RPC-XXXX has a gable roof, which extends over the porch. Lights are attached to the overhang, and despite any power being supplied to RPC-XXXX, will turn on at night (from sunset to sunrise, depending on the location of manifestation). On this porch are 10 red metal chairs, of which seat adjacent from one-another across a black mesh table.

RPC-XXXX has a total of 5 rooms, all of which have been fitted with the following items:

  • A single bed;
  • A dresser (with a mirror);
  • A basic set of kitchen utensils (fridge, stove, etc.);
  • A coffee table;
  • A couch;
  • An inoperable radio.

Rooms are numbered from 9 to 14, with the notable absence of a room numbered 131.
There is also an attached check-in area, of which contains 5 chairs, a coffee table, and a cash register. A basement is attached to the check-in area, and its contents are delved into in Test XXXX-006.

RPC-XXXX has been noted to relocate itself between certain locations at seemingly random intervals2. RPC-XXXX has manifested primarily in rural locations in the Northern hemisphere3, and is able to flatten a distance of up to a 5 meter radius to prevent damage to itself4,5. Subjects that are within RPC-XXXX at the time of relocation report extreme nausea, as well as a migraine-like headache that can last up to 12 hours.

RPC-XXXX seems to possess the ability to warp time during its relocation process; however, it seems that outside of RPC-XXXX, time passes by regularly, causing each relocation to take 3-5 minutes. During relocation, subjects will report the surrounding area outside becoming dark (refer to the encounter log), and despite these claims, RPC-XXXX seems to vanish instantly, restoring the area it had flattened to what it was prior.

Another anomalous property is present during relocation, and affects objects that aren't touching any solid surface of RPC-XXXX (first seen in Test XXXX-003): the prevention of momentum. Objects that have been thrown have been recorded to stop suddenly (refer to Test XXXX-004). This property also affects other living creatures (Test XXXX-003).

Discovery: Located in August of 19██, RPC-XXXX was initially reported to be located in rural Alberta, Canada by a group of civilians. An undercover Authority agent assigned to an unrelated operation in the area received the report and proceeded to request investigative support. Upon reaching the location, Alpha-03 witnessed (and were inside of RPC-XXXX at the time of) a relocation. When contact with the team was re-established in rural Indonesia (a kilometer southward of Kayan Mentarang National Park), a GPS tracker was placed on the floor of Room 10, and a research team was dispatched to investigate the anomaly further, alongside a medical team to assess the MST's health.

Addendum 1.1: The article attached to this addendum is an assortment of testing logs, and describes the response of various animals to RPC-XXXX during relocation.

Addendum 1.2: One CSD was transferred to RPC-XXXX under the watch of MST Alpha-03 for an experiment that would last 72 hours. The test itself caused a rewrite of testing protocols on RPC-XXXX, prohibiting long-term testing on the anomaly with any organisms, as it is inhumane, as stated by the Ethics Committee.


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