Depiction of RPC-XXX in containment.

Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Ballistic, Organic, Sapient, Extra-Dimensional, Info-Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is housed inside Isolation Block 4-7 at Site-01. No written or printed text is to be brought within 50m of RPC-XXX outside of testing; to this end, Isolation Block cells 4-6 and 4-8 have been vacated.

All standard operating manuals, emergency guidebooks, etc. are to removed from their regulation locations and replaced by electronic tablets when absolute necessary. Personnel are to be searched for written material and physical writing implements (pens, pencils, ink, etc.) before entering the 50m perimeter.

Written material may be brought within RPC-XXX's perimeter with approval from the XXX Head Researcher. All tests, results, and observations are to be recorded and stored in the Site-009 database, available below.

'Guest' standard human containment amenities are to be provided, and RPC-XXX may choose a meal from the Site cafeteria menu twice a week, contingent on good behavior. All packaged/labelled foods are to be opened and emptied onto the tray before being brought to RPC-XXX.

Description: RPC-XXX was acquired as a prisoner during a raid on an Authoritarian surveillance post in █████, Guatemala. While the rest of the hostile personnel, anomalous or otherwise, were terminated or successfully fled to their home timeline, RPC-XXX was knocked unconscious by a collapsing structure. A standard briefing on the RCPA Group of Interest is provided below.

RPC-XXX is apparently an example of a mass-produced 'Protector', the RCPA term for their anomalous enforcers. While otherwise a non-anomalous young woman in terms of endurance or intelligence, RPC-XXX exhibits several anomalous abilities in regards to written or printed text.

A basic summary of these abilities is provided below, in an acquired RCPA document detailing the use of "Librarian-class" Protectors to unit commanders of their ASF1.

These anomalous abilities were confirmed by the actions of other "Librarians" during scattered encounters with the Authoritarians; RPC-XXX is the first to be captured and interrogated at length. The drawn depiction of RPC-XXX is due to the anomalous inability to capture it clearly on a recording device.

Immediately after RPC-XXX's acquisition, on a █ to █ vote, the Global Directors approved standard humanoid testing over a dissection; RPC-XXX has proven to be unexpectedly cooperative during testing.

Testing Logs:

The Authoritarians might be crazy, self-righteous bastards, but they share our general log format. Using RPC-XXX's RCPA-issued ID, we managed to retrieve some operational logs concerning RPC-XXX's deployment in her universe.

- Researcher Sharon

First testing phase will be conducted with a word or short phrase, each written into a separate page of a lined notebook. Words will be relatively benign objects, testing the functionality of RPC-XXX's manifestation abilities.

- Researcher Sharon

Phase two will test RPC-XXX's manifestation abilities in regards to weapons. Tests will be conducted in an on-site blast chamber, with RPC-XXX manipulating a sheet of notebook paper through ballistic glass. Sergeant Halverson (ASF) and myself will be present; if 070's utility is more flexible with weaponry, the ASF and my department of Research are interested.

- Researcher Budylin

I don't think that encouraging an attitude towards weapons is the best choice right now. In her own words, they fall apart after a little while. There's far more possibilities with pushing her down other angles, and seeing how an Authoritarian creation responds; it could inform us on any number of traits and habits, useful information as RCPA incursions are apparently rising.

Phase three of testing will, at my initiate, entirely focus on RPC-XXX's reaction to various books from our world. She will be instructed to avoid using 'pulling' any physical items from the text, instead using her anomalous sensing abilities.

- Researcher Sharon


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PCAAO diver under attack from RPC-866-1 instance.

Registered Phenomena Code: 866

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression, Extra-Dimensional, Info-Hazard

Containment Protocols: An exclusion zone of 122 miles has been established around the current location of RPC-866; Joint Site-CN09 has been constructed with the PCAAO atop Gaven Reef, disguised to mimic the conventional Chinese military installations on nearby atolls and reefs in the Spratly Islands.

A robust network of autonomous sonar and hydrophone stations are to be maintained on the seabed along the Exclusion Zone's boundary line; this marks the furthest reach of RPC-866-1 instances. PCAAO divers and personnel from MST Zebra-43 'Deep Ones' will monitor and repair the hydrographic stations along the Zone boundary.

Description: RPC-070 is a young woman of
Facet of the Serpent Dissident Text Retribution Operational Notes
Pamphlet distributed by the PCEAO in the Peking S.E.R. …and like the Emperors of old, the [EXTRANEOUS LIES] Authority's [LEADERS] will hang on rope from the tree of justice!

The following is a document we obtained

Text Result
An Amazing! Co. branded rifle.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]



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