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Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazards: Sapient, Self-Replicating Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained in a standard Humanoid containment cell, with the added exception of a blast door. The cell is to be transferred to Site-002 following recent developments with RPC-XXX-1.

Description: RPC-XXX is a humanoid entity identifying as "James █████." However, no records exist of such a person. RPC-XXX has made numerous claims to friends and family members, however no records exist of them either. RPC-XXX claims to have been "already contained by an Authority" before, yet no record of RPC-XXX exists on Authority records.

RPC-XXX was discovered when a disturbance was detected in ████, Nevada. MST Whiskey-7 was dispatched to handle the disturbance, and discovered RPC-XXX laying in a pit, with what was later identified as mustard gas in the air. RPC-XXX claimed to have "fallen into a portal", however no portal was ever recovered.

When tested, RPC-XXX shows the ability to duplicate itself. This usually results in the death of the original, with the duplicate expressing severe discomfort when confronted with the original's corpse. This has been tested twice to date. Each time was followed with an unsuccessful containment breach by RPC-XXX , involving RPC-XXX attempting to clone itself through the door. Due to this, RPC-XXX's containment is reinforced with a blast door. If RPC-XXX is found to survive the cloning process and begin a containment breach, on-site security is to apprehend, however not kill, RPC-XXX.

Although RPC-XXX's claim of being from another universe was proven by the disturbance, RPC-XXX's claim of being formerly apprehended by another Authority in its own prime universe has also been proven. Contact has been made with the other Authority, and they have been labeled RPC-XXX-1. RPC-XXX-1 has expressed major interest in apprehending RPC-XXX, as they claim to have created it. This request has been denied approximately 13 times.

After the twelfth time of denying RPC-XXX-1's request to apprehend RPC-XXX, multiple disturbances were detected at the same area RPC-XXX was recovered. When investigated, multiple F-15 fighter jets were discovered at the area, and began a direct flight towards Site-002. They were quickly shot down by on-site aerial defense, however the pilots were not apprehended. Further investigation into the relationship between RPC-XXX-1 and RPC-XXX is ongoing.

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