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Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha Yellow

Hazards: Mechanical hazard, Ideological hazard, Visual hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is held within a large object containment unit located in Site-06. This unit is to remain closed at all times. Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to come into direct eye contact with RPC-XXX. In the event that any member of Authority personnel is found to have come into visual contact with RPC-XXX, they are to be transferred to a different site and resume their service.

Description: RPC-XXX is a robotic entity with a shape similar to that of a human female, and is 1.67 meters tall. White plastic filaments emerge from the entity's scalp in a manner that resembles long white hair. Various cables and wires are connected from RPC-XXX-1 to RPC-XXX's back.

RPC-XXX is suspended in solid Nitrogen1 within a sphere made of a glass-like material. This sphere is referred to as RPC-XXX-1. A rectangular metallic structure is attached to RPC-XXX-1 is believed to be responsible for the extreme temperatures used to freeze the Nitrogen inside of it. Regardless of the orientation of RPC-XXX-1, RPC-XXX will appear upright with its feet pointing downwards relative to the viewer.

Subjects that make visual contact with RPC-XXX will undergo a massive change in their ideologies and beliefs over the following 3 days. During this time the subject will suffer from severe headaches, and have also been known to go into seizures. After this time the subject view RPC-XXX as their god, and begin to worship and pray to it. If the subject was previously religious, they will carry out their previous religious actions/ceremonies in the name of RPC-XXX. Subjects will typically refer to RPC-XXX as, "The Mother of the Machines" or simply, "Mother". Over time subjects will become heavily interested in cybernetics; often viewing cybernetics as a higher form of worship.

Addendum 1: Discovery:
The Authority first became aware of [Redacted], Nunavut, Canada when it was discovered that the population had approximately 1200% more cybernetics per-person than any other location. Investigators discovered the local priest had undergone full cybernetic conversion. Subsequently AHPP2 was executed within the town, under the pretense of a quarantine for an outbreak of a mutated version of H1N1. The following is an interview between the aforementioned local priest and an Authority De-Brief specialist.

Interviewed: Brother Duffel (full name: Brian James Duffel)

Interviewer: Argon3, Interrogation Specialist

Foreword: Interview was conducted 3 days after AHPP was initiated, and occurred within OL-Site-XXX (discontinued after RPC-XXX was contained).

<Begin Log>

Argon: Hello, I am [data redacted], and I will be asking you some questions.

Brother Duffel: Greetings [data redacted], I am Brother Duffel, how may I be of service?

Argon: I would like to ask you about your current state.

Brother Duffel: What exactly would you like to know?

Argon: How did you end up in this state?

Brother Duffel: You see, I was given visions by Mother, she showed me that I needed to turn my into a divine vessel.

Argon: Can you explain the process by which you accomplished this?

Brother Duffel explains the process by which he accomplished cybernetic conversion

Argon: Can I speak to your mother?

Brother Duffel: You misunderstand me child.

Brother Duffel: I am referring to the Mother of the machines.

Argon: Will you show me this, "Mother of the machines"?

Brother Duffel: Yes, follow me so that I can show you the way.

Argon: Thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Brother Duffel lead Argon to RPC-XXX which was approximately 2km from the outskirts of of the town. Authority personnel then contained the artifact and transported it to Site-06 (as it was the closest site). The towns people were then administered amnestics and were given new identities. All persons that underwent full cybernetic conversion were subsequently terminated.


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