The Baginging

Hi, my name is Jackson D. Kurts, I'm the residing CWO at an Authority site. Won't tell you which one- because that of all things is confidential.
The story i'm about to tell you is one that happened over the course of about half a year, and is among the most bizarre I've ever seen. This is the one and only account of it that was allowed to survive- all other documentations have been destroyed, and it's been left to my digression what happens to this story.

it all started, when the lights went out in the cafeteria on September 5th, 1993…

There was an odd silence that hung in the air of the cafeteria as the lights went out. There were three main lines of thought inside the Cafeteria:
The Security Guards thought "Did someone cut the power?!"
The Scientists thought "Did the Generator malfunction? did something break out of containment?"
The Chefs thought "Was my chili really that bad?"
The power was out, and nobody knew why. Normally, the emergency lights would kick on, letting everyone know that some shit was really going down- but no, there were no bright red flashing lights, no automatic response over the intercom urging everyone to leave the cafeteria and take their cyanide capsules or whatever the fuck it is we do again. A Security Guard reached through the darkness until he found one of the heavy cafeteria doors. He opened it, to find that the lights were on outside. Several other people throughout the room felt around until they found one of the three doors on each wall of the room, to find that yes indeed, the power was on outside. This baffled everyone in the Cafeteria, and this odd occurrence was reported to the containment division who were in charge of maintenance on the many electronics throughout the building.

It took a little bit, but eventually a Containment Division electrician was sent into the Cafeteria to check on all the various electrical connections and report back with any of his findings. Later that day, the lights in the cafeteria were back on and functioning as normal. The Site Director called for that electrician to give a full report on what he found.

Odd, right?
Well, it gets weirder from there. 2 months later, there was a severe… lossage of pens.
Like, a mass disappearance of pens.
The shipment of standard supplies was meant to contain 938 pens, which is a comparatively small amount for our facility. Y'know how many were in the shipment that arrived?
8 pens.
This, of course, raised a lot of questions in the facility. Who took the pens? Why did they take the pens? Is this some weird Malthus espionage tactic? maybe the Children of Nihil are getting creative with their psych-ops. Either way, there was a severe shortage of pens. Over the next few months, a lot of different weird shit happened.

So, this all culminated in the Site Director, James Capri, having an encounter with the man in the vents.

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