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RPC Drafts
RPC-XXX-1 during initial recovery.

Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: The are currently 3 instances of RPC-XXX in containment, designated RPC-XXX-1, RPC-XXX-2, and RPC-XXX-4. All instances of RPC-XXX are to be stored in three separate standard Beta-class Anomalous Item containment lockers in site-███. The remains of RPC-XXXX-3 are to be stored in site-███'s research center.

Instances of RPC-XXX-A are to be contained in a large aquatic enclosure simulating an open ocean environment. The enclosure is to contain a steady population of krill. In the event of a containment breach, all instances of RPC-XXX-A are to be relocated to an identical enclosure whilst the primary enclosure is repaired.

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation given to 4 wooden carvings of unknown origin, resembling a cetacean believed to be Orcinus orca[[footnote(breaking this code so that the footnotes work on God Portrait]]Commonly known as the orca or killer whale.[[/footnote]]. Carbon dating of wood samples taken from RPC-XXX-3 date the carving to be about 5000 years old.

Sapient individuals who maintain prolonged eye contact or who make physical contact with RPC-XXX will enter a state of considerable emotional distress. Affected individuals have described feelings of loss or sorrow. In addition, affected subjects gain an affinity for aquatic bodies, in particular the ocean. Class-B EGs have proven effective at alleviating these effects, but if the individual later becomes aware of RPC-XXX through any method, the effects will resume.

After a period of time ranging from 1 to 3 hours after exposure, exposed individuals will begin to report intense pain in their chest, many of which have likened to being impaled by a harpoon. This effect does not subside, and at this point EGs are no longer effective at alleviating effects. Shortly after this point, effected individuals, from this point on designated RPC-XXX-A, will begin to grow large amounts of blubber underneath their skin. RPC-XXX-A's skin will expand to properly enclose this new flesh. This effect continues long after the individual expires via asphyxiation by their own mass, and can only be stopped should the instance be terminated in early stages of growth, or the instance reaches a mass of approximately 30 metric tons, though higher weights have been recorded. At this point, folds along the instance's skin will begin secreting a digestive enzyme. At this point the subject's vital signatures resume, although far less brain activity is detected. When placed into water, RPC-XXX-A instances are capable of movement, though no propulsion method has been identified. Instances will attempt to "swim" through groups of krill, as any krill caught within an RPC-XXX-A instance's folds will be digested, and then presumably ingested. Should any instance of RPC-XXX-A be malnourished, they will begin to buildup gas within its body before spontaneously bursting, usually causing a large amount of damage to surrounding objects including RPC-XXX-A's containment chamber.

Individuals who are placed under the effects of RPC-XXX-1 through -4 and subsequently administered EGs, thereby avoiding the RPC-XXX-A conversion process, will still occasionally express the emotions associated with RPC-XXX exposure, though to a far lesser degree. Certain subjects have expressed feeling regret about events that they are unable to recall. Many affected individuals went on to join marine conservation groups, while others decided to [REDACTED]. While most individuals said these actions alleviated their symptoms, they still expressed dissatisfaction.

Addendum XXX-A: RPC-XXX-1 was recovered in █████, Japan in a presumably abandoned warehouse. Alongside it was a dead Japanese male identified as Shigetoshi N████████ who had committed suicide via a knife to the heart whilst in early stages of the RPC-XXX-A conversion process, and what is presumed to be an incomplete journal, which is entirely illegible due to water damage and poor handwriting. However the journal is known to contain ramblings about an unknown entity which either resembles or is RPC-XXX-1.

RPC-XXX-2 was recovered in ██████, Norway in the possession of an unidentified male 51 years in age. Upon confrontation, the man dropped RPC-XXX-2 and ran from the location. All attempts to locate this individual have thus far failed. It is unconfirmed whether or not this individual was affected by RPC-XXX's effects.

RPC-XXX-3 was recovered in ████ ██████, New York in the possession of a group of individuals who identified as "Cetace's Kin". During recovery, the individuals attempted to protect RPC-XXX-3 and assaulted the recovery team. When this failed, one of the individuals took RPC-XXX-3 and ran away from the recovery team. Upon relocation, RPC-XXX-3 was found sawed in half next the individual in question, who was promptly terminated. The other individuals disappeared during relocation efforts. Their current whereabouts and identity are unknown, as is how they were unaffected by RPC-XXX's effects. Further investigation into any groups or organizations that identify as or associate with Cetace's Kin is ongoing. The remains of RPC-XXX-3 were confirmed to have no anomalous properties and are currently stored in site-██'s research center.

RPC-XXX-4 was recovered in █████, Japan in a similar location to that of RPC-XXX-1. The item was recovered without incident.
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It's amazing how quick the world went to chaos. It all began when Site-732 got overrun with these nasty pink dolphin things. They were supposed to execute some kind of neutralization protocol, but something stopped them. Don't know what it was. I doubt anyone who knew lived to tell. In the end, those things took out the site, and then they moved on. Found themselves in Seattle. The Authority tried to hide it, but it was fruitless. It was all over the news. And that was when things took a turn for the the worse.

At the moment, I've got no idea where I am. I'm somewhere in the United States at least, not near a coast, but that's all I know. Any kind of reliable map was lost weeks ago. Radio barely ever works with all the signals being garbled. When it does, its usually some stray transmission from a site requesting backup or proclaiming itself compromised. There aren't a lot of intact settlements left. Most cities were either overrun by 038, taken over by an assortment of cults or just straight up leveled. A few just fell because everyone went catatonic.

Anyways, that news report was when things went wrong. One of those pink things had an etching on it. I didn't see it myself, or I wouldn't be here to write this. It was there for a only a moment, but it was enough to send half the country into dreamland. A few days later, some of them came back, panicked. Apparently their eyes caused whatever happened to them to spread more. Then they all went still again.

I was in Manhattan when that went down. I and a bunch of other Authority operatives tried to help, but most of us ended up catatonic just like the rest in a few days. We had to evacuate when a 430 outbreak occurred, with nobody to stop it. All those poor people were easy targets, and of course soon they were back, except pumped full of those slug bastards. Authority personnel tried to keep 430 on the island, and they succeeded for 2 weeks, but eventually they were overrun by those big slugs, 430-B I think it was. Now you can't ever know who to trust with those things out, not that you could before. To make things worse, those people still spread whatever was broadcasted that day even with 430 inside of them.

My travels haven't been kind to me. I haven't talked to anyone normal in a week. The only people who are still really people are assorted cult and organization members, each trying to claim dominance over the ruins. Some sect of Malthus had a brief moment of triumph when they turned up the ruins of some old town and managed to recruit a considerable following from the survivors, before they all got pummeled by those dolphin things. There's little natural wildlife left either. What is left is usually infected by those damned barnacle things, which went airborne about a week ago, though the radio is so unreliable it could have easily been out for much longer than that. I personally had a run-in with 735. Hiding from it in an old broken-down car was one of the worst nights of my life.

Things got hairy when RPC-100 breached a week later. Apparently it can absorb people into itself, which I didn't even know it could do. All those catatonic people made for easy prey. The regular people didn't fare much better though. Last I heard, 100 was covering half of Texas and moving South. 038 populations boomed around then too, but with few humans left to feed on they've been dying out. The guy I met a week ago said the sea levels were rising too, which is comparatively rather tame. He said its caused by the same thing creating those dolphins, which I guess is good for them.

I can only imagine what chaos is occurring in the rest of the world. Maybe all this is just happening here, but I doubt that. Maybe we're lucky to only be dealing with parasitic slugs and living pipes.

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Site Drafts






Coastal Anomaly Research Center



The exterior of Site-095's front cover.

Established: 4th May, 1976

Front Cover: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Location: Coast of Monterey Bay, USA

Codename: "Bay Guard"

Hex-code: 5F

Site Occupation: Containment, Research, and CSD Holding Facility.

Division Jurisdiction: Research and Containment

Total Area: 15784000000 m2

Background Information: Site-095 is dedicated to the research of aquatic or amphibious anomalies, whilst serving the secondary purpose of presenting and preserving marine life through the Monterey Bay Aquarium front and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The site contains research and containment divisions, office and medical areas, and the Deep Storage level. In addition, the Deep Storage monorail allows for fast travel between several sectors of the site. Among these sectors is OL-Site-095, located in the Monterey Submarine Canyon. Any aerial images taken are to be monitored and curated so as to mask evidence of the Aquatic Containment Division, which is exposed to the sky due to necessity.

History: Site-095 was initially constructed without the Monterey Bay Aquarium front 2 years before the aquarium began construction, with a warehouse being used as a front instead, hiding the much smaller operation of housing RPC-350. However, RPC-350-A proved troublesome in this installment, and 2 years later when plans for the construction of an aquarium were announced, the Authority covertly funded the construction while making deals for additional construction for the purposes of further anomalous containment as well as containment chambers for RPC-350-A instances. On October 20, 1984, the aquarium opened, with more installments than initially planned, including new exhibits within the aquarium itself as well as the RPC-207 containment chamber.

Later, in September of 1992, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary was established to aid in the containment of RPC-775, expanding Site-095's domain tremendously. This coincided with the construction the Deep Storage level beneath this area and in the nearby Monterey Submarine Canyon.

In March of 20██, the temporary containment of RPC-575 in Deep Storage led to parts of this level being heavily damage, some of which is still awaiting repairs.

Offices & Wings Section

  • Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary: This region surrounding the facility is where research on locational anomalies is conducted as well as a region where non-anomalous wildlife is preserved. OL-Site-095 is in this region within the Monterey Submarine Canyon.
  • Aquarium Front: This level consists of the Monterey Bay Aquarium itself, and contains no Authority activities besides maintaining secrecy or contained anomalies.
  • Aquatic Containment Wing: This level consists of the open-air aquatic containment where anomalies who require an environment with natural ocean water and exposure to sunlight are contained. No Gamma-class anomalies who possess these requirements are stored here and are relocated elsewhere.
  • Office and Medical Level: Directly under the prior two levels, this level serves as the location of most of the facilities' operations, including administering medical care and general research and work.
  • Research Wing: This level is where most research on anomalies is conducted. This level has direct access to the Aquatic Containment Divison and the Standard Containment Division. Surveillance rooms allow for observation of locational anomalies within the sanctuary while testing rooms allow for testing anomalies held within the other containment divisions.
  • CSD Personnel Holding Level: Each CSD cell is 4 m2 in size. Also features a mess hall maintained by CSD personnel on a rotating daily shift.
  • Standard Containment Wing: This level is where anomalies who do not need natural ocean water or sunlight are held. There is an Alpha, Beta and Gamma Containment Sector.
  • Deep Storage: This level is where important data and Gamma-class anomalies are held. It contains the Deep Storage monorail, allowing for quick travel throughout the sectors of Deep Storage as well as access to the OL-Site-095 viewing and docking station.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Dr. Samuel Brummell
  • Assistant Site Director: Robert T. Builder
  • Dir. of Anomaly Containment: Dr. Travis Bellmore
  • Dir. of Research & Development: Dr. Gertrude Cook
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Maj. Paul Banters


On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 4
  • Administrative Assistants: 23
  • Medical Personnel: 144
  • Research Personnel: 678
  • Security Personnel: 383
  • Maintenance Personnel: 210
  • CSD Personnel: 400

Total: 1,842

Anomalies Contained

RPC # Additional Information
RPC-207 -
RPC-350 -
RPC-625 25 instances are currently contained within Site-095
RPC-670 -
RPC-775 In OL-Site-095
RPC-865 -
RPC-970 -

Anomalies Previously Contained

RPC # Additional Information
RPC-575 Relocated to Site-732

Incident Logs









Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class:

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols:



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