Picture of RPC-331 before anomalious properties were confirmed.


Registered Phenomena Code: 331

Object Class: Beta-Orange (Originally Alpha-Orange)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-grouped.png Grouped h-sentient.png Sentient h-auditory.png Auditory h-mind-control.png Mind-Control

Containment Protocols: Due to an incident involving RPC-331, prosedures and protocols on the object have been revised for the safety of Site-015. All personnel are to be situated with the new protocols for future safety of Site-015.

RPC-331 is held under Site-015 in a large 10x10x10 meter Beta containment chamber (designated as 015-331/1) with the walls, ceiling, and floor constructed with concrete and titanium rods embedded 1 meter apart inside. The walls, ceiling, and floor are then insulated with a specialty composite foam to mitigate any sound coming from the containment chamber. Outside containment a room 50 meters from the walls of RPC-331 to each wall of the room with 10 meters from the floor to ceiling is constructed around 015-331/1 with the same specialty composite foam around the walls, ceiling, and pillars. Pillars constructed 5 meters apart throughout the room are used to also mitigate any potential music that may escape from the walls of RPC-331's containment. ASF personnel are required outside of RPC-331's containment chamber at all times. If music is to be heard by any staff located near RPC-331, relocation is immediately in order to reduce the effects of RPC-331.

Testing with RCP-331 requires approval by at least two personnel with security clearing of Level 3 or higher and be tested with no musical skills following a background check and polygraph test. Any personnel who fail in either of these verifications will be invalid of any subsequent testing from RPC-331.

If a containment breach occurs due to RPC-331, MST Tango-11 ("Band Back Together") will be tasked with re-capturing and containing the object and instances with high amounts of force used if needed. MST operatives who are tasked to work in Tango-11 must also be tested with a background check and polygraph test before work on RPC-331 activities.

Description: RPC-331 is an old wooden 18th-century wagon with major damage to the body. RPC-331's anomalous effects occur around a 3-meter radius from RPC-331 unknown radius at this time. Once in this area, music can be heard coming from RPC-331 and when heard, the subject will begin to move towards the object.1 Though some subjects can resist the area of effect with effort, whether by the subject or by other means, most subjects will begin moving towards RPC-331. Once inside the subject will sit on the bench of the object and a musical instrument will manifest from underneath them. Though with varying sizes, the subject will face no difficulty in retrieving the instrument, now referred to as an instance of RPC-331-1. It will begin to play music with the instrument, its face viewed as being trance-like in nature.

As it plays the RPC-331-1 instance attempts to affect other subjects and cause them to participate. If more subjects are to be added onto RPC-331 they will become other instances of RPC-331-1. Once four instances are added to RPC-331 the object will begin to slowly move back and forth whether by movement from the instances or through unknown means, until RPC-331 begins to move at a constant pace of 10 m/s. If the object is unable to move or is in a small area it will continue to hit the walls at that constant rate.

The music played by the instances of RPC-331-1 will be in complete harmony, playing as though all instances have known the melody without any subsequent knowledge. Though complex, the song is never identified by human or AI knowledge. As the instances continue through hours without rest they seem to be in a trance-like state, their health quickly deteriorating as time persists with no breaks, gaining blisters, baggy eyes, heavy breathing, and other declines of health until the instances ultimately expire.

While it is possible to forcefully remove the instances at the early to late stages of the event (Late only when instances are severely weakened by the excessive use of the instruments), it is highly discouraged as the RPC-331-1 instances will continue to persist even if force is used, going as far as harming the individual with the instrument itself. Though death is possible for any instance, RPC-331-1 instances will continue even after death if brain function is still intact, playing as long as another 5 hours before complete brain death and all functions of the body have ceased, causing RPC-331 to revert back to its immobile state.

+Incident Report 331


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