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Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazards: h-animated.png h-grouped.png h-mechanical.png h-sapient.png

Containment Protocols:

Section 1: RPC-XXX-1 is located at Site-074, housed within a standard containment chamber. RPC-XXX-1 is never to be given access to the internet and/or site database. If RPC-XXX-1 gains access to these things, it is to be rotated to another site1.

Section 2: There is an ongoing effort to track down RPC-XXX-2 and RPC-XXX-3, led by Commander G. Watson of MST Golgotha-77 ("Zealots"). In the event that the two entities are captured, the are to be contained alongside RPC-XXX-1 within seperate chambers. Internet and database access is to be withheld from both RPC-XXX-2 and -3 as well.

Description: RPC-XXX designated three seperate entities, all of which are sapient. Each RPC-XXX instance is nonorganic. They are as follows:


Avatar used by RPC-XXX-1.

Designation: RPC-XXX-1

Description: RPC-XXX-1 is an automaton, measuring 2 meters tall. Carved on the back of RPC-XXX-1's head is the Star of David, of which emits a blue light.

RPC-XXX-1 is unable to communicate vocally, and as such is connected to an isolated terminal, where it is able to speak via chatroom.

RPC-XXX-1 identifies itself as "Saul". It refuses to disclose who created it, nor how it was created.

sinatibot.pngSaul: hit or miss

jesusbot.pngSolomon: i guess she took the kids

islamibot.pngDaniel: huh
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