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RPC-XXX, as seen by a fighter jet during the Orcus Incident.

Containment Protocols: MST Terra-67 ("Iron Fangs") has been tasked with tracking the location of RPC-XXX, and immobilizing the anomaly. As RPC-XXX is currently uncontained, all efforts within the Containment Division are to be focused on creating a feasible containment method for RPC-XXX. If containment is not possible, RPC-XXX is to be terminated by any means necessary.



Description: RPC-XXX is a massive humanoid entity, measuring fifty (50) meters in height. The entity resembles an adult male human of unknown ethnicity, and its skin is completely devoid of pigmentation. RPC-XXX has very little muscle mass and body fat, and as such its ribcage, spinal column, and other skeletal extremities are visible.

RPC-XXX is constantly surrounded by a 10 mile wide bank of fog, consisting of 86 percent water and 15 percent sulfur. This fog, called RPC-XXX-1, engulfs the entirety of RPC-XXX. The entity has been known to spontaneously relocate itself while completely hidden in RPC-XXX-1, remanifesting in a different location after RPC-XXX-1 gathers in the area.

RPC-XXX resides within South-Eastern Asia; primarily in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

RPC-XXX is hostile towards all human life, regula

(RPC-XXX is in south-east asia and hates people. it uses brute force and RPC-XXX-1 to attack people, and has also been known to fuck up the wilderness. nothing seems to be able to damage it, and it always dissappears long after its killed at least 20 people. also we may have did a boo-boo and woke it up see discovery and addendum A lolz)

Discovery: TBA

(ok so we found this lit fucking underground temple called RPC-XXX-Ω. it had a lot of weird hyroglyphs that depicted a large grey humanoid and clouds spitting fireballs at people. real bad shit, like spoopy shit. oh and hey we also got some nice gold and artifacts from it so thats a plus see addemdum A and maybe B for exploration lolz)

Addendum XXX-A: TBA

(ok so hi this is us exploring RPC-XXX-Ω ok enjoy)

(but first here is a meeting with the project director and some other cool people who made this possible. were talking to the commander of an mst because he heard weird voices of some shit pfft weirdo)

Audio Recording XXX.1

1/20/1947, Installation-13

In Attendance: Dr. Harold Bradley, Dr. Kayla Petrucci, Commander Russel Martí, Director Heinz Raber

Foreword: (we found a temple, weird puzzles and shit that we probably shouldnt fuck with haha amirite guys)

(blah blah blah)


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