Bazzle's Proposal



The following RPC-001 proposal has been DECLASSIFIED. Regulatory memetic screening can be bypassed if access is approved by your designated Site Director.

The original version of this proposal is documented below. The current version can be accessed at the bottom of this page.



Registered Phenomenon Code: 001

Object Class: Omega-Black

Hazard Types: Animated, Aquatic, Auditory, Ballistic, Chronological, Climatological, Contact, Corrosive, Ecological, Electric, Emotional, Explosive, Extra-Dimensional, Extra-Terrestrial, Extreme Temperatures, Geological, Gravitational, Ideological, Immeasurable, Incorporeal, Magnetic, Memory Alteration, Meta-Physical, Mind-Control, Ontological, Radiation, Regenerative, Sensory, Teleportation, Toxic, Transmutation, Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-001 is not a containable anomaly. To conserve resources, containment is not to be attempted or considered.

Research Protocols: Testing and observation of RPC-001's properties must be approved by unanimous vote via the Global Directors.

Description: RPC-001 is an ACS-2> reality condensed into a spherical area roughly 100 Million light-years in diameter. The midpoint of RPC-001 is approximately 3.2 Billion light-years from Earth.

At closer distances from the midpoint of RPC-001, incoherency of reality increases; at farther distances, incoherency of reality decreases. Due to this progression, anomalous phenomenon that occur within RPC-001 are often specific to certain regions. The largest regions of RPC-001 are classified into rings, and are hereafter referred to as RPC-001-1 through -6.

RPC-001-1 - Exterior First Ring

RPC-001-1 is the largest classified region of RPC-001, and makes up approximately 40% of RPC-001's area.

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