Just how Gran used to make, on my clans honor!

For smaller portions for the pointlessly tall, divide by 20. Otherwise, enjoy your clans meal.

salt and fresh cracked pepper,
5 cups flour, vegetable oil,
30 pounds rabbit meat, cut 1 inch chunks,
50 cups beef broth,
10 onions, chopped, 56 cloves garlic,

The best rabbit is caught in the tree hugging knife ears territory. Its best to set up traps and wait outside the forest, as wood elves usually won't attack unless they see you enter it.

A bottle of Bugman's finest,
Best bottles come from Clan Kazuk. But a bottle of Bugmans is a suitable replacement.

40 large potatoes, cut into chunks,
80 carrots, cut into chunks
40 celery stalks, cut into chunks,
50 cremini mushrooms, chopped,
10 onions, chopped, 56 cloves garlic, minced,
48 sprigs fresh thyme and some chopped parsley,
Drop in clan sized pot, let simmer for 8 hours.

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