A 3D Model of RPC-XXX


Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX Is to be kept in a purpous-built containment area at leased 30km from any civilisation or human developed. This area (Area-88), must be staffed by at leased 500 armed personnel at any time. Area-88 must also have a private airforce that is operational at all times. The containment area of RPC-XXX consists of a 5m tall electrified, reinforced steel fence with a 7m tall concrete wall surrounding it. This second perimeter should be positioned so that a 2m gap is present betwuthe fence and the wall to allow for maintenance. The wall is to be staffed at all times.

A 50mm thick reinforced steel door is to be kept closed and only opened when testing on RPC-XXX has received 05 approval or when RPC-XXX is in the process of re-capture. The inside or RPC-XXX must have an array of rainforest-type plantation. There should also be a small lake present for water consumtion and bathing or any other leisure for the creature.

In the event of a breach, all non-armed or VIP’s should be taken to the nearest breach shelter immediately and all security personnel available are to respond with as much Force as physically possible. RPC-XXX should have its containment area’s door opened and suppressed back into the containment area.

Description: RPC-XXX Aperas to be the complete bone structure of a spinosaurus. Measuring 5m high and 8m long, the creature is enormous compared to humans. The anomaly however is fully sentient and can move aswell as swim, “eat and drink” and emit roars and noises that after reasearch can be proven to be that of a spinosaurus. The method of performing such activity’s is unknown as no body mass, organs, skin or blood is present on any part of the body. RPC-XXX Is extreamly aggressive towards any life form in its enclosure and will occasionally up-root trees for what is belived to be, pleasure aswell as digging large holes of splitting rocks for pleasure aswell. RPC-XXX Is fully carnivorous and will consume anything and everything that enters its enclosure, although it ofviously cant digest food due to the lack of stomach, RPC-XXX will still attempt to swallow slaughtered victims.

RPC-XXX Is very strong and was shown to be able to push over 6 ton concrete barriers with only its arms. All attempted containment breaches have succeeded in breaching both perimeters and killing 347 personnel at the leased. Quite often however, the creature will be severely damaged by explosives or heavy caliber weapons and will submerge itself in a water source to “regenerate” lost bone matter. Bathing times depending on bone and how severe the injury, especially the skull wich takes up to an hour to repair before a escape attempt can be continued.


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