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Picture taken of RPC-1XX.

Item #: RPC-1XX

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: Kept in a small metal container with clear signage and a lock, please ask the staff on site for the key if you need it.

Description: RPC-1XX is a small blue coloured pencil made out of graphite, wood and other basic materials which has "MADE IN GERMANY" and "STAEDTLER" etched into the side. The RPC has the uncanny ability to grant the user the ability to write any language even if the user has no knowledge and has even been shown to allow a test subject to write in Welsh even thought the test subject had no knowledge of Welsh or the existence of Wales. RPC-1XX also causes the user to undergo a transmutation in which flesh and bone become wood and graphite. The transformation starts near the area closest to the RPC which is the hand that grips the pencil. After half a hour of use of RPC-1XX, the subject express a stiffness in the hands, after a full hour of use the subject starts to feel pain and the skin starts to come off in solid flakes. After 1 hour and 30 minutes the changes become apparent and the outer layer of skin starts to take take on a blue hue and the bone inside has turned into graphite. The effect can be reversed by staying away from RPC-1XX for 72 hours or applying friction to the effected area which seems to "rub" away the effect.

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