Regional Phenomena Code: 012

Object Class: Beta

Hazard Types: Visual Contact


Special Containment Procedures:
RPC-012 is to be stored in the office of Dr. XXX and is to be monitored with four cameras pointed towards the console from each of the corners in the room at all times and overseen by at least two Level 3 cleared administrators. No one is to be allowed inside the office except for D-Class personnel that are overseen by previously established administrators. If any D-Class personnel are to try and escape from the room at all, the subject will receive a warning before immediate termination following a second warning (See Research Log: Incident 012-A for further information).

RPC-012 is a standard PlayStation 4 console made by the company, Sony Interactive Entertainment. The console was found in a home on XXX Street, formerly owned by the XXX family. The console was taken from the premises on 02/12/20XX. Reason for capture of said console was due to a call from an anonymous woman, concerned over the sudden disappearance of her son, Jake, after hearing screams come from his bedroom (See Addendum 012-A for further information). The anomalous effects of RPC-012 are unable to be understood due to the ever-changing nature of the system and the inhabitants inside the console. The only known characteristic of the RPC is that whenever it is used, the person using the console will disappear, leaving all tracking devices unaware of his or her location. Audio conversation has been mainly unsuccessful with most recordings resembling nothing more than garbled words and loud roars of an unidentified source. All instances of anomalous and/or dangerous digital phenomena are labeled as RPC 012-2.1 through 3 (See Observation Log for further information).


A phone number (currently labeled as RPC-012-1) that can be tracked to an abandoned parking garage in midtown Salt Lake City (See Exploration-1 for further information) was found on the underside of RPC-012. Any attempts to call the number will consistently yield a 12 second clip of a woman screaming, while a car is heard slowly growing louder and louder until the car is presumed to hit the woman, where the clip will suddenly end. Anyone who is within earshot of the audio clip will want to play the console with extreme desire, regardless of previous experiences with RPC-012 or previously administered amnestics, resorting to physically harming any personnel or innocent bystander in order to reach the office. (See Research Log: Incident 012-B for further information). Further testing has been requested and two other tests have been allowed (See Research Log: Incident 012-C&D for further information).

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