The Choeung Ek Stupa, one of the locations with the highest RPC-XXX ratio.

Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: OL Site-XXX is to be the center for study of RPC-XXX. If RPX-XXX phenomenons appear inside Cambodia, MST Uniform-40 "Walking Napalm" is to be deployed with the intention of incinerating as much of RPC-XXX-1 as possible. Affected settlements must be quarantined and Exerito Glyphs are to be used to surviving citizens. In the case of this protocols failings, Level-5 personnel are to enable Protocol-[REDACTED]1.

Description: RPC-XXX is a phenomenon affecting locations in Cambodia with a high density of vegetation. RPC-XXX seems to appear more frequently when a certain quantity of human corpses are present and buried in the soil2. RPC-XXX causes vegetation to grow faster, and develop nomadic capabilities3. Affected plants are hereby called RPC-XXX-1 . When RPC-XXX-1 reaches a human corpse4, it will twist its body around it, until the corpse is bound to RPC-XXX-1. Corpses after this stage are hereby called RPC-XXX-2.

RPC-XXX-2 regain sentience, but do not regain their sapience. RPC-XXX-2 works as a visual and thinking organ for RPC-XXX-1, as it directs RPC-XXX-1 which direction to take, and detects anything around RPC-XXX-1. RPC-XXX-2 become more agressive and active when more RPC-XXX-2 are added to RPC-XXX-1, in some unknown way, this accelerates RPC-XXX-1's growth. RPC-XXX-1 are hostile to any living being near it. When in an encounter with a living being, RPC-XXX-2 will react with growls and screeches, and RPC-XXX-1 will proceed to attack. RPC-XXX-2 always directs RPC-XXX-1 to the nearest human settlement.

Discovery: RPC-XXX strains were first located in █/██/1997 in The ███-███████ Mass Grave Memorial in ██████████, Cambodia. Civilians reported the vegetation in the ditch of the mass grave rapidly expanding, and attacking people near it. One guard, Soth S. ███, survived the outbreak, detailing the functions of RPC-XXX and aiding The Authority in containment.

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