butter memetics analysis

RESIDENCE: Home Is Made By The People Who Live There


Canto 27 Purgatorio, page 291: "There may be pain here, but no death"

Attic is superego (memorabilia of role models), main floor is ego (the self, reflective of his attitude), basement is id (primal, hedonistic, sin)

“A house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made by the people who live there.” - M.K. Soni




Registered Phenomena Code: 841

Containment Rating: Alpha

Lethality Rating: Yellow
h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-organic.png Organic

Containment Protocols: No human being can be closer than 50 meters of RPC-841 without express permission from the current Head Researcher. To discourage intrusion, RPC-841 has been deemed unsafe to enter by civilians due to a mold infestation cover story and all possible entrances to the building have been blocked by concrete.

No testing with RPC-841 is permitted at this time.

Description: RPC-841 is an approx. 200m2 house and surrounding property in Kucinoka, Florida. When a human being resides in1 RPC-841, they are redesignated as RPC-841-1. RPC-841’s surfaces, structure, and composition becomes replaced with the anatomy of its resident over the course of several days. There can be only one RPC-841-1 at any time.

Addendum 1: RPC-841 Analysis and History

Addendum 2: RPC-841 Experimentation Logs

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