Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:


A close up of one side of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX’s containment chamber is to be kept 4 miles beneath the lowest level of Site ██. Inside the chamber the object’s container is to be comprised of majority silicate materials, container walls are to be at the very least 8cm thick. No personnel that have recently been treated for terminal illnesses will be assigned to SCP-XXXX. If any on-Site SCP objects or Site personnel begin to experience effects of SCP-XXXX-A, assigned personnel are to refit SCP-XXXX’s container, wearing specialized Chiron Protocol silicon-lined suits. Personnel that enter Stage 10 of SCP-XXX-A are to be removed from Site ██ as soon as possible, and begin psychological rehabilitation in the closest Foundation medical facility. Any SCP objects that exhibit significant effects of SCP-XXXX-A are to be re-evaluated by on-Site senior researchers for any required reclassification or changes to containment procedures of impacted objects.

Description: SCP-XXXX is approximately 7.48L of a grey clay-like material composed in a manner consistent with common soil, most accurately described as having the consistency of wet cement. The anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX become apparent after observing objects in close contact with it once a significant amount of time has passed. After a certain period of time, usually in relation to the amount of SCP-XXXX present, an effect deemed SCP-XXXX-A will manifest in objects close to the material. SCP-XXXX-A manifests in several different forms depending on the affected subject. SCP-XXXX-A has been observed as an acceleration of radioactive decay in certain materials, effectively reducing their half-life by a maximum factor of 2.86. In humans, SCP-XXXX-A manifests as significant mental deterioration, often leading to severe suicidal thoughts or depression, which increase in severity as time in contact with SCP-XXXX continues. Affected individuals will continuously lose personal motivation, until the individuals enter Stage 10 of SCP-XXXX-A [See Addendum 4-06].

SCP-XXXX-A’s most prolific manifestation is the deterioration of abnormal or abnormally prevalent survival abilities, particularly immortality (biological or otherwise), in living subjects. [See experiment log for further elaboration on this effect]. Humans impacted by SCP-XXXX-A (aside from mental deterioration) that have been administered treatments or cures for certain diseases will see a violent return of their previous conditions at a rate of 91.8% on average. Most animals put in contact with SCP-XXXX and subsequently released into the wild show a 4.3% survival rate in their given environment.

The native tribe from which SCP-XXXX was acquired gave it the name █████████, which roughly translates to "maker of dead gods". The tribe appeared to have retrieved SCP-XXXX from the nearby impact site of meteorite ███████. SCP-XXXX-A had manifested in the tribe as a systemic depression issue, which had been having extremely detrimental effects on their productivity for generations. After the removal of SCP-XXXX from the area by the Foundation, the tribes productivity slowly rose as older generations died off. Though, in a recent expedition to check the tribe's condition, researchers found that the tribe had completely vanished. Despite extensive research, the Foundation has found no conclusive evidence as to what occurred.

Addendum 4-06
Due to an increasing number of incidents relating to personnel assigned to the monitoring of SCP-XXXX, the mental deterioration caused by SCP-XXXX-A has been more rigorously studied by assigned researchers who have broken it down into 11 progressive stages.

Stage 1 A sharp decrease in friendly interactions with other individuals.
Stage 2 A lack of motivation to address personal responsibilities.
Stage 3 A noticeable change in posture, usually becoming lower and more relaxed.
Stage 4 A decrease in motivation to participate in social events.
Stage 5 Manifestation of severe lack of attendance at the individual's place of employment.
Stage 6 Sharp decrease in empathy for other individuals as well as in empathetic or kind actions.
Stage 7 A complete cessation of non-essential communication.
Stage 8 Manifestation of symptoms consistent with manic depression.
Stage 9 Manifestation of visual or auditory hallucinations of [Redacted]
Stage 10 All motivation to participate in any physical or mental activity ceases.
Stage 11 [Redacted]

Addendum 7-13
A small group of researchers assigned to SCP-XXXX have reported a number of vocalizations being heard emanating from SCP-XXXX, as well as a thick grey fog in which the researchers report seeing [Data Expunged]. These have been determined to be hallucinations caused by Stage 9 of SCP-XXXX-A. Researchers were removed from SCP-XXXX activity, further precautions have been added to Chiron Protocol for researchers.

Addendum 7-14
They aren't hallucinations

Experiment Log Chiron-08

Organism: Turritopsis dohrnii “Immortal Jellyfish”

Ability: Organism can revert to the early polyp stage of its life cycle if exposed to stress or old age, effectively extending its life indefinitely. Biological Immortality.

Procedure: 12 Turritopsis specimen placed in a large tank, and left for one full iteration of their life cycle. All 12 specimen successfully revert to polyp form. 1L of SCP-XXXX is left 30cm away from tank for the given amount of time for another iteration. Specimen visibly attempt to revert to polyp form near the completion of the cycle, majority fail.

Result: 9 specimen failed to revert to polyp stage, died of old age. 3 successfully reverted during the first attempt, but failed after the second cycle.

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