Mother of Monsters
Sunset's Saudade


Idea backlog:
tales and cultist notes for Nihil
Nihil RPCs

Nihil Suns: 9/9
-Exiled Sun: the sunsets of melancholy
-Empty Monarch: the sun of pharaohs and emperors
-Savage Redness: the sun who thirsts and demands blood sacrifice
-Radiant Joy: the sun that brings happiness
-Void Unending: the sun that brings oblivion, the sun of the lost in the desert
-Orrery of Ages: the sun that keeps time
-Moth-that-Was: was the sun that brings life, then the sun that brings change, and now the ghost of a sun
-The Pilot: the sun that is a vessel, a vehicle
-Early Light: the sun that brings wakefulness, to wake people from the dream they call reality

+Engineer: possibly the current sun, he one that overthrew the other nine
+Chaos Sun: not really a sun, but perhaps the past arrow and the future flood

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