RPC-XXX - Knowledge Comes at Great Costs

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Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be kept inside of a lead castle in the lower levels of Site-██, to prevent against any ionizing radiation. Personnel who are Level-4 or above should always be accompanied with at least 1 paramedic.

If someone with a clearance of 3 or lower is to interact with RPC-XXX without proper authorization, the Brooke-Miller protocol is to be followed, by issuing standard amnestics to said person. Also, check for any signs of radiation poisoning and/or physical damage from the interaction.

Description: RPC-XXX is an object composed of the uranyl mineral autunite with a matrix of granite and basalt rock. The shape of RPC-XXX is similar to an average male skull of Homo sapien, with predominantly Native American features, measuring 15 x 21 x 23 centimeters.

RPC-XXX's anomalous properties occur when a date is spoken within earshot of it.


RPC-XXX - Crayons from Another Spectrum

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Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Eskalion

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained in a standard locker inside of Site-002.

Description: RPC-XXX is a set of 12 11 crayons, similar to any set of crayons one would find in an art store. The box of crayons is assumed to have been produced by the "Crolorae" company1. The box that contains the crayons is actually normal as far as research shows, with tests conducting it just to be standard boxboard.

The box holds an array of differently "colored" crayons. The crayons look like any normal crayons but display anomalous properties when interacted with. See the table in Addendum XXX-1 for more additional detail on all of the crayons' specific anomalies.

Addendum XXX-1

RPC Item Number Name Anomalous Properties
RPC-XXX-1 "Infablu" Writes in a color that is off the visible spectrum, far beyond what has been ever detected by technology.
RPC-XXX-2 "Xolorpon" When written, a distinct theremin sound of a note around A flat is heard in the drawer's ear.
RPC-XXX-3 "Peplé" Any drawings made by RPC-XXX-3 become sentient, but only capable of small, subtle movement.
RPC-XXX-4 "Teskert" The crayon itself blinks in and out of reality, sometimes for days on end. Any drawings by RPC-XXX-4 also disappear.
RPC-XXX-5 "Lineee" When used in a standard children's coloring book, the color used by RPC-XXX-5 is never able to leave the area where the crayon was first used, unable to cross ink. If the crayon is picked up and is used in a separate cell, the same rules apply.
RPC-XXX-6 "Quillilia" The crayon's color is different for each observer. Some report RPC-XXX-6 as a deep red, while others say it as a faint green-gray.
RPC-XXX-7 "Abyzsee" All light is absorbed by the crayon, more than any material known to humankind.
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