Article Statuses

Article Name Status
Knowledge Comes at Great Costs Scrapped
Crayons from Another Spectrum Scrapped
A Shade of Indigo Polishing
The Snowflake Polishing
The Oberdeer Society Conceptualizing
An Idea So Vile Scrapped (now
TalosOS Conceptualizing


RPC-XXX - Knowledge Comes at Great Costs

Note: This RPC is currently scrapped. Development hiatus is currently indefinite for now.


Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be kept inside of a lead castle in the lower levels of Site-██, to prevent against any ionizing radiation. Personnel who are Level-4 or above should always be accompanied with at least 1 paramedic.

If someone with a clearance of 3 or lower is to interact with RPC-XXX without proper authorization, the Brooke-Miller protocol is to be followed, by issuing standard amnestics to said person. Also, check for any signs of radiation poisoning and/or physical damage from the interaction.

Description: RPC-XXX is an object composed of the uranyl mineral autunite with a matrix of granite and basalt rock. The shape of RPC-XXX is similar to an average male skull of Homo sapien, with predominantly Native American features, measuring 15 x 21 x 23 centimeters.

RPC-XXX's anomalous properties occur when a date is spoken within earshot of it.


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