Chapter 1 - In The Beginning

Part 1: Pride Logos, Agendas & Final Straws

Our story begins on the SCP website, in the Month of June in the Year 2018 the Administration of SCP decided they wanted to celebrate "Pride Month"1 by changing the sites logo from its normal look to an LGBT pride logo! This action while largely inoffensive would spark outrage, starting from basic disagreement with the premise alone and devolving into wild accusation of homophobia, bigotry, and generally awful behavior from the administration of the site as well as some of its key members. Most of this stuff was cataloged by Mister Metokur in his video that I will link here, as I'm not going to talk about the event itself!2

No, RPC's adventure begins with a man who went by the username CFOperator, apparently starting the site over a dare from a friend, CFOperator created the RPC Authority on June 13th, 2018. Three days later Zucc (Ion_12) would create its Discord server and before you could say "they'll be dead by summer" RPCs autistic ship had set sail. CFO3 had begun to quickly advertise the site on 4chan as well as message forums where discussion of the SCP saga was taking place, even getting a shout out from Mister Metokur from his followup live stream from the video. It was at this time where RPC's "First Wave" joined, there are a lot of important people to have come from the wave however the most notable among them for the purposes of the timeline are4

Jetairliner (Gloop)
Croal (Coupon)

and to a lesser extent5

Von Pincer

It was also during this wave that some of the major site changes occurred, such as our blue backdrop and our logo redesign by Volgun during this time period the major question both within and outside the community was "What will RPC do differently?" A good question, with a difficult answer as most RPC members at the time, were EX-SCP members so dropping the basic format and premise was out of the question. The resounding answer to this question was basically "SCP but better!". It should be noted that this attitude changed to "SCPs Island of broken and lost toys" and then finally to "RPC will seek to change the culture of the site to be more organized with its writing" it was unanimously decided by the community at this point that unlike its predecessor, RPC would endeavor to have a singular canon6 as you will see throughout this history that decision was both a blessing and a curse.

On June 26th, 2018 Von Pincier posted this to the SCP forums


formally removing himself and his works7 from SCP, he would (almost immediately) port them over to RPC. This move was unprecedented as RPC had realistically failed to attract the attention of preestablished SCP writers, particularly ones as well established as Von. His move from SCP to RPC along with his ports would be among the many major moves that would lend to RPCs legitimacy which at the time was something that was seriously being questioned.
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