Registered Phenomena Code: 530

Object Class: Gamma-Purple Beta-Purple

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-530 samples are to be kept in Site-███, Site-002, or Site-008’s biological cold storage containers. Samples are to be monitored by two security cameras while stored.

RPC-530-A instances are to be contained in similar conditions. Examination of RPC-530-A instances require Level 4/530 clearance. RPC-530-A instances found outside of captivity are to be contained, unless USOC’s1 OESA2 requires an instance to be incinerated.

Contained RPC-530-B instances are to be kept within standard humanoid containment chambers. Two ASF personel armed with high caliber rifles are to remain outside RPC-530-B’s containment chamber. In the case of an RPC-530-B containment breach, security personnel are authorized the use of lethal force.

Locations pertaining a high amount of RPC-530 spores are to be completely incinerated.

Description: RPC-530 is a parasitic fungus of the genus Ascomycete fungi3. RPC-530 has been observed to only grow on articles of clothing comprised of linen fabric. RPC-530 instances appear as small green buds, measuring up to 20 mm in width. Articles of clothing infected by RPC-530 spores are designated RPC-530-A instances. RPC-530 will grow root-like appendages within the RPC-530-A instance, which connect to other RPC-530 buds. This will create microscopic needle-like structures within the inner layer of the article of clothing.

When a human subject wears an RPC-530-A instance, they will immediately become an RPC-530-B instance. The needle-like structure within the RPC-530-A will pierce the subject’s skin and produce an unidentified mixture of organic chemicals, causing the subject to convulse. The chemical is then theorized to cause multiple blood vessels within the brain to burst, causing expiration of subject.

Following expiration of subject, RPC-530 spores will begin to absorb nutrients from the subject. They will grow in various sizes during this period. The RPC-530 instances will grow in various sizes during this period. After a 15 minute period, RPC-530 spores will proceed to insert their root-like appendages throughout the body via external orifices and begin to repair the damage caused within the brain. The fungus will then begin to reanimate the RPC-530-B instance by restoring functions to certain areas of the brain. RPC-530 will begin to rapidly mutate RPC-530-B’s body, causing the body to grow 0.5 - 1 m in height. The RPC-530-B’s teeth will begin to fall out, being replaced by razor-sharp fangs. RPC-530-B’s muscle mass will also increase.

Upon completion of this process, bodily functions of RPC-530-B will be fully restored. Examinations of RPC-530-B's brain reveals reactivation of the cerebellum and hypothalamus by RPC-530. Additional parts of the brain remain inactive and are covered entirely in RPC-530's root-like appendages.

RPC-530-C instances are highly aggressive to any organism. RPC-370-C instances will furiously attack any organism within the immediate area with its fangs. Autopsies upon deceased instances of RPC-530-C reveal that the stomach has been covered with RPC-530’s root-like structure. It is theorized that organic matter consumed by RPC-530-C instances are absorbed by the roots and are used by the RPC-530 instances as sustenance.

When an RPC-530-C instance is terminated, RPC-530 will begin to increase its physical mass. Over a period of ten minutes, the RPC-530 instances will reach a size of 2 m2. Upon reaching this size, the structure will burst. This will release millions of RPC-530 spores. It has been observed that incinerating RPC-530 will also incinerate any RPC-530 spores. The spores, upon production, will cover every surface within an area of 5 - 7 m2. Spores landing on anything that isn’t composed of linen will immediately perish. Upon landing on an linen clothing, the spores will group together to become the aforementioned RPC-530 buds.

Discovery: The first recorded instance RPC-530-C was discovered in Oakland, California on 04/01/2013. DeAndre █████████, a suspected member of the group of interest "Eden’s Forest", is believed to have been significant to the creation of RPC-530. This is supported by multiple RPC-530-A instances and RPC-530 samples discovered in organized boxes within the living room of his house. DeAndre drove to the house of Hermeisha ███████ and is believed to have willingly transform into an RPC-530-C instance. Hermeisha immediately alerted local authorities, but was attacked by the instance. Hermeisha managed to terminate the RPC-530-C by utilizing a kitchen knife, stabbing it in the neck. Local law enforcement arrived on the scene and Hermeisha was arrested.

The body of the expired RPC-530-C specimen was left undisturbed and had begun to expand in size. Officers on the scene reported the unusual event and Authority agents within the local law enforcement relayed the report to local Site-███. Mobile Specialized Team Echo-8 ("Plague Doctors") were sent to investigate the scene. Once Echo-8 arrived, it was discovered that several members of local law enforcement had been converted to RPC-530-C instances. Echo-8 took note of the fungal growth on the RPC-370-C instances, and proceeded deploy incendiary ammunition on the RPC-370-C instances, terminating them. Echo-8 managed to quarantine the house and the neighbors near the house were investigated for possible infection. Mobile Specialized Team Oscar-5 ("Web Nerds") were tasked with preventing information of the event from reaching the media. USOC was contacted and OESA agents were sent to the area. Echo-8 collected 54 RPC-530-B instances and collected various samples of RPC-530 spores. The house was given custody to Division 15. Twenty days later OESA would incinerate the entire house. Civilians in the area were amnestisized. Hermeisha ███████ was taken into Authority custody and an interview was conducted on the subject of DeAndre █████████. Hermeisha ███████ was interviewed by Dr. Charlie on ██/██/2013. The interview is attached below.

Incident. 530.IA:On 08/02/2013, a group of Eden’s Forest members drove two semi-trucks filled with RPC-530-C instances into the small town of ██████. The truck was intercepted by a group of individuals working of the GoI known as the Sons of Yggdrasil intercepted the trucks and the two groups engaged in combat. The Eden’s Forest members released the RPC-530-C instances into the combat area. The Authority received the reports of RPC-530-C instances and MST Papa-1 alongside multiple OESA agents were sent into the town and the Eden’s Forest combatants and the RPC-530-C instances were terminated and incinerated. The Yggdrasil members were taken into Authority custody and an interview was conducted with the head member. Authority amnestic specialist alongside with OESA personnel anesthetized the entire town vía the use of a OESA aerosolized amnestic.

Addendum Interview. 530.I2

Addendum: On 08/03/2013, a joint task force descended upon an Eden’s Forest facility in the Mojave Desert. The following is footage taken from a Authority drone hovering above the facility.

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