Cocaine Shitters

This story takes place back 1970s in Colombia when Pablo Escobar was coming to power. This story will be told from the perspective of my father when he was a young boy as he is the one who told me the story.

My fathers name is Juan Martin, that’s not his real name, no I will not say his real name for his sake. He was around 10 years old around the time of the story and lived with his mother in the slums. Enough of the prologuing. Let us get started with the story.

I was ten when this happened to me. I lived in a slummy part of Colombia with my mother. The locals called my mother “Donia Torita” cause she was strong like a bull, you know. The slums we lived in were surrounded by forest. Nature seemed to encroach into our slums. Honestly it was quite beautiful to see the forest merge the slums, but that’s just my opinion.

A normal person here would probably believe we lived a boring life out there, but nothing could be further from the truth. We may have not had the popular toy of the day or the latest gadget or whatever, but we had our fun. We played many games of the sorts, but what I enjoyed were the urban legends.

We had many urban legends in my community. “La Sapatera”, “Los Niños Con Ojos Rojo”, “Los Cabellos”. Heck for a long while there was an urban legend about my mom turning into a half bull woman during a full moon, but that wasn’t my favorite one. My favorite urban legend from our community was “Los Mostrós del Bosque”, “The Monsters of the Forest”. The monster was your typical monster that eats children story. A monster that blends easily with the forest and kills children. Many Urbana’s legends speak of similar creatures, so what makes this one special. The sightings.

Kids around the slums started saying they saw the Monsters of the Forest. As the sightings increased the more the legend grew in popularity. Our parents forbade us from going into the woods, which only made the legend grow even more in popularity. You could imagine how kids get when a story gets popular.

“I got this close to the monster” a kid would say. Another would say, “My dad killed one of the monsters.” That will become ironic soon enough.

It all came to a head on a Friday. The Bet. Jose Setava. The boy who started the bet. He said, “I bet none of you guys are brave enough to enter the Juantintin cave.”

The Juantintin cave was cave located off the side of a hill within the forest and according to the legend, home of the monsters.

“You’re all just scared of the monster aren’t you.” He mocked.

“Shut up!” His sister replied. Espinosa Setava, sister of Jose Setava, was a year younger than her brother at the age of eight.

“Don’t tell me you believe in that dumb legend too.” He replied.

“Shut up Jose. We all know you wouldn’t go either. Mama’s boy.” Carlos said. Carlos was my best friend. We grew up together in the slums and we were always together when we played games.

“Why don’t we all go.” I said.

I remembered how they all looked at me. They gave me a confused look.

“Let’s all go together into cave. We bring weapons with us just in case.” I stated.

“You can’t be serious.” Jose replied.

“I thought you were a man.” Espinosa said smuggly.

“Then it’s settled. Let’s leave tonight at midnight.” Carlos stated. And it was settled. We all waited for that hour. The day passed by slowly for all of us as we anticipated what we’d do. Night came and the clock slowly ticked toward midnight. I waited for my mother to fall asleep.

Midnight came and I was ready with anticipation. A crept out of the house with a hatchet in hand to defend myself. We met at a pre-planned location where the slum bordered the forest and it was only just a straight walk to the Juantintin cave.

Carlos, Espinosa, and Jose arrived with their own weapons. Carlos carried a wooden bat on him. Jose came with a lighter and a stick. I told him he was a retard and could accidentally burn down the Forrest. He told me I sucked balls and it’s was very dark in the forest and that we’ll need a light. Last, but not least, Espinosa, who came with a gun.

I know right. If I remember correctly she carried a revolver on her with a single round in the chamber. It was her dad’s gun.

We entered the forest one by one. The sounds of wild life surrounded us as we traversed the rugged terrain. I brought quite the useful tool as the branches, vines, and bushes were thick within the forest. We were moving slower than molasses at the rate we were traveling. We arrived at the cave within an hour.

At the mouth of the cave we stood. Our weapons in hands and our bravery quivering down our pants at the moment, we slowly went in. The darkness in the cave was palpable. Jose, who at the time didn’t light our only source of light, was told by me to light us up. The moment Jose flicked the flame to life the cave became known to us.

The rocky terrain, the colors of the rocks, the markings on the wall. The markings on the wall. That’s what caught our attention. A hand print and shoe prints could be found everywhere.

“It must be the monster’s tracks.” Espinosa said.

This shook us up a bit. We knew now that there was something in this cave.

“Shush!” Carlos exclaimed. “Listen.”

We did just that and listened to the sounds of the forest. It was hard to pick up over the ambient sound of the forest, but once our ears picked up on the noise there was no mistaking it. Footsteps.

“Guys we need to hide.” Whispered Jose.

“Where?” I responded.

Espinosa gathered all our attentions and pointed us to a pair of large rocks. We all understood what she was trying to say and we all gathered behind the rocks and hid. The rocks were big enough to hide our tiny bodies well.

The footsteps came closer than before.

“Jose turn off the light.” I whispered angrily.

Jose complied rapidly and extinguished his lighter.

The footsteps came closer. The sound sounded like more than one thing coming toward the cave. We all became silent when the footsteps drowned out the sounds of the forest. Whatever was outside was directly outside the cave.

We saw the shine of a bright light shine into cave revealing everything but our location. That’s when we saw it. The Monsters of the Forest. It was almost how the stories described them. Easily blended into the background, but that was because they wore camo. Sharp claws, those were knives and guns held by them. Monsters, no, they were human.

They came into the cave followed by a line of adult men. We knew these men. They were from the slums. Among the men we saw many familiar faces. Jose and Espinosa’s father was among them. We all saw him. Me and Carlos turned to both Jose and Espinosa who’s face were filled with shocked.

We watched as the line of men from our slum walked into the surrounded by men with guns. At the end of the line were a group of women in chains. None of us recognized them from the village. Some of these women were struggling against their chains. All of the women looked like they were beaten. Their bodies were badly bruised with scars and wounds marked around their bodies.

“Hurry up!” One of the armed men yelled.

One of the armed men stood out against the others. A white young man with blonde hair and a swastika on his right arm approached the group of women from behind.

“Listen up.” He said in Spanish, but with a foreign accent.

“All of you are here because you want money!” He exclaimed.

“We are not so different. We are all here to do a job and if that job is done right, we will all receive money.” He said calmly.

The man then pointed to the group of chained women and said, “Any of you can leave if you want.”

“Any of you? It’s not too late.” He said.

One of the girls, one who looked to be in her mid 30s, quivered out, “Ca- Can I plea- please leave.”

The man with the swastika walked up to her and said, “Can you say that a bit louder. I didn’t catch that.”

“I, I ju- just wanna go… home please.” She said as she bursted into tears.

“Home?” The man said.

“She wants to go home guys!” He shouted.

The man approached one of the other armed men and exclaimed, “Let’s take her home to see the father.”

The white man signaled to the armed man as the armed man took out a knife and approached the crying woman. The crying woman looked up and tried to let out a “no”, but the knife was already buried into her throat. The man thrusted the knife into her neck and moved it in an almost 180 degree arc around here neck. An almost waterfall of blood poured from the wounded as she weakly attempted to grasp at her neck.

I was utterly sick to my stomach. Jose held Espinosa in his arms as she wept silently. Carlos looked on in rage. I held back throwing up as I continued to observe.

The woman fell to the floor bleeding out. The white man, who from his previous actions I made out to be the leader of this group, turned to two of the armed men standing at attention and said, “What was her name?”

“Koko. Koko Estrellas, señor.” One of the armed men stared.

“Koko.” The leader responded. He looked at her now corpse lying on the cave floor and turned back to the armed men.

“She will be the first fed to the beasts below.” He stated.

“Everyone move on!” He yelled. The line of men and women resumed down the cave and the body of the woman was carried by two soldiers into the depth. Soon the envoy of men and women had fully descended into the cave.

We remained in silence for 10 minutes. We only talked we the silence between us became so Unbearing.

Carlos slammed a fist into his knee and said, “What the hell was that?”

Espinosa followed with by saying, “They have dad.” She said this while crying silent tears into her brothers arms.

“What do we do now?” I said

We all stood there still hidden behind the rocks contemplating what to do next. Now you would think we would take tail and get out of the cave back to the slum and Carlos did suggest that. To be honest, he suggested the only smart option and if I had the smallest bit of common sense I would’ve left with him.

Jose said, “We have to save them. We have to save them.”

“Are you stupid or are you retarded?” Carlos replied.

“They have our father.” Espinosa stated.

“They have guns. They’ll kill us.” Carlos said through gritted teeth.

“Not if we can make them believe we’re also well armed.” Jose said. Jose pointed to Espinosa’s hand where she held her father’s revolver.

“This is stupidly crazy man. Juan what do you think?” Carlos said. As he said this everyone’s eyes came upon me.

I think it was some sense of justice or bravery that made me say, “Jose’s right. We have to go help them.”

Carlos started at me blankly and shook his head.

“You’ll die man. Please don’t do this you guys.” Carlos said with tears in his eyes. “Please, just listen to me.” He said, but our minds were made up.

We split ways with Carlos as he ran back to the slum. Jose, Espinosa, and I quickly descended into the cave. As we descended into the cave a smell of decay and feces could be smelt. We almost collectively gagged the further we entered the cave.

Soon we saw a legitimate light at the end of the tunnel. It revealed a large space filled with large rocks, plastic tables, machinery, and various other sub-caves. This large cavern was filled with the noise of workers and machines.

We hid well in one of the sub-caves. We watched as armed men walked around the cave monitoring the men from the slums. The men worked with this white and red paste that they’d heat up and turn into a powdery substance. Yeah, it was cocaine, though the red powder that was created by heating up the red paste was still unknown to me. The armed men and slum workers called it “Red Cocaine”. We watched as the powders were pack into clear plastic bags and places within several containers. That’s when we realized. We were dealing with narcos.

We snuck deeper into our hiding place. Our plan slowly was falling apart as we realized how many armed men we saw.

“Maybe we should only save dad.” Espinosa said nervously.

We backed up so far into our hiding place we hit something. A cage or a cell. We heard a beastial growl followed by the scent of feces slowly behind it. We turned around to see a cell filled with darkness.

“What was that?” I said quivering.

Jose slowly took out his lighter and as it flicked to life we saw where the growl had come from.

They looked like they were once human, but the humanity in their rotten eyes were long gone. Their skin was flayed off exposing pure muscle and organs. They crawled on all fours and their hands were clawed and animalistic. These things were human long ago, but now they were monsters.

We backed away rapidly, but were met with the feeling of something cold to the back of our necks.

“Where do you kids think you’re going?” A facials voce stated planning.

We jumped back a great distance and turned around to see the leader of these criminal, the white man with the swastika, surrounded by armed men.

We were all shaking in fear. Fear, that’s what probably lead to what Espinosa did next. She immediately took out the revolver and pointed to the leader of the armed man and fired the only round in the chamber.

The shot missed and the recoil of the gun was to much for her small body that she fell to the ground. The shot rang out through the entire cavern.

Espinosa attempted to get back up, but the last thing she’d see is one of the armed men firing a round into her head. The sound of the shot being fired was deafening as it echoed throughout the cave. Espinosa fell limp to the ground as blood as blood and brain matter exited through the bullet wound.

“Noooooooo!” Jose shouted as tears began to fill his eyes.

The armed men surrounded us and held us in place. They confiscated my hatchet so I was defenseless in front of these human monsters.

The captain approached us and observed our faces closely. He then turned to his armed men and chuckled.

“You both are Juan Martin and Jose Setava.” He said. “Where is Carlos, huh? I’ve seen you guys play as a group together. Maybe he chickened out?”

Jose was in tears struggling against one of the armed men. I shakingly ask the leader, “How do you know our names? How do you know so much about the slums and why do so many people from the slums work for you?” I had so many questions I wanted to be answered right then and there.

The leader looked at me and smiled.

“We own your slum.” He said Plainly.

“We own the buildings, the tools, the people, including you and all of your friends.” He said. “You are all property of the Medellín Cartel and of the former third reich’s German Anomalous Research Division.”

He grabbed my head and shined a torched onto one of the growling monsters within the cage. The monster made eye-contact with me and then the man and something truly odd happened.

The monsters behavior changed from ready to pounce on anything to a fearful creature. It began to lower its head and quiver as turned it head back to me. The fear I saw in it inhuman eyes told me everything. These creatures feared this man.

The burning questioned I had inside me changed from “What we’re these monsters?” to “Who was this man?”

“Who- who are you?” I sad to the man.

He looked at me with an even wider smile.

“You’re quite an inquisitive young man. Asking the right questions.” He said to me. “I am but a humble geneticist making money. My family call me many names. My co-workers here call me “Señor”, but you… you my inquisitive young child can call me Rudolf. Rudolf Schröder.”

Rudolf signaled to one of his man and he came in attendance.

“Fed the girl to them.” He said as he pointed to the cage.

The armed man picked up the dead corpse of Espinosa as another opened a door in the cage pointing his weapon toward the monsters. It took Jose a while to realize what was going on, but as soon as they through her corpse into the cell he snapped. He started kicking and screaming against the armed man.

I watched as the monsters turned from cowarding beast to predatory monsters as they pounced upon the corpse of Espinosa. Those beast tore her to shreds as they shoved parts of her body into their disgusting putrid mouths.

“I’ll kill you!” Jose exclaimed.

“Kill him.” Rudolf said emotionlessly.

I yelled and pleased, but nothing I did stopped the bullet that was put into Jose’s head. He fell to the floor limp. My ears rang from the deafening shot.

Rudolf turned to me and turned my head forcibly back to the cell. He simply just said to me, “Watch.”

We stared at the monsters as they broke into Espinosa’s stomach. We stared for minutes as they gorged themselves on the organs. Then it happened. The creatures began to deficate a red and white sludges.

The smell in the cave worsened as more and more of the sludge came out.

“Genetically modified organisms.” Rudolf said. “These creatures are of my design. You can say I programmed them. They can turn human flesh into cocaine. All that needs to be done is to refine the sludge and we have a product.”

I looked at Rudolf with tears streaming down my face. He continued, “That red sludge you se over there is invaluable.”

“Red Cocaine, we call it. Much more stronger than the white stuff.” He said. “Also, much, much, more valuable.”

We stared at the creatures as they finished off Espinosa’s body leaving nothing but the remnant of a corpse.

“So Juan. I’m gonna cut you a deal.” He said. “Go back to your slum and forget this ever happened.”

“Why?” I stated.

“Because it doesn’t matter where I kill you, or if I kill you.” He said as he crouched down to my level. “You belong to us.”

As he said this gun shots rang out throughout the cave. Rudolf and the armed men looked toward the source of the gun shots. I looked on the ground to see Jose’s lighter within my reach. I grasped the lighter and held it close to the man holding me down. I burned him and he released me.

The man screamed as Rudolf and the rest turned toward me. I ran into a sub-cave as armed military men came into our location.

“Rudolf Schröder!” One of the militarily men yelled. “You’re under arrest for the murder of multiple Destacamento Contranatural agents!”

Rudolf’s armed men attempted to fire upon the military men, but were instantly gunned down like the dogs they were. A stray bullet must of caught Rudolf in the leg as he fell to the ground screaming in pain.

I ran into the sub-cave I had found myself in and it led me right back into the main space of the cavern. I saw as these soldiers lined up the previously armed men and the men from the slums and shot them. I saw many of the women that were brought into the cave attempt to surrender, but were promptly shot in the head.

I fled down another of the sub-caves which took me back to the surface. I ran and ran until I reached the slum, until I reached my house.

I couldn’t sleep at all that night.

In the morning I awoke to find the same military men in our house. They were everywhere within the slum. They took us from our homes and relocated us. I never saw Carlos or anyone from that village again.

My father then told me he and his mother were relocated to Mexico by this Destacamento Contranatural organization.

I tried looking that organizations name up online, but nothing came up. My dad would soon move to the states and start a family.

I wonder if any of you have heard a similar story like this. Have any of you ever heard of Destacamento Contranatural?

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