Auptics Author Quote Module Guide

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The purpose of this module is to allow writers to use their creative power to create a custom embed when their RPC or Tale or whatever is invoked by the Auptics III Bianhua discord bot on the RPC Authority discord.

By default, the bot will select appropriate portions from the page source to create an aesthetically-pleasing summary embed that links to a desired RPC or tale. However, authors very often will have a portion of their article in mind that they would rather want showcased instead, as they may believe it would be more hooking, eye-catching, or for a multitude of other reasons. It's for this reason that I created the author quote module, or AQM.

Furthermore, Auptics isn't perfect. While it is incredibly robust in how it determines the key information of a given article even in the wake of organic, unpredictable formatting/styling/syntax used in many articles, some things may rarely slip through the cracks. Most commonly when this happens, the object class won't get detected by Auptics since the formatting may be too unique for the bot to encapsulate its detection. With the AQM, authors can manually fix anything that slips through. I don't have all the time in the world to spend on fixing every article's little edge case of an edge case, so instead I can make a tool to let you do it instead, on the off chance you need it.


This is an embed for RPC-159.



maintext="Main text of embed."::
objectclass="Specific Object Class."::
title="Custom Title"::
imglink="Image Link.png"::

Color Description Optional
Red Wikidot invisible text syntax.
Yellow Flag used to signal to Auptics that there exists an AQM within the article.
Blue Optional parameters. Any can be used in any combination in any order between each other.
Orange Connection/encapsulation symbols. Equals sign always immediately connect Blue and Green text. Quotes go around any Green text that isnt a boolean true or false.
Green User-specified value for a parameter. Discord formatting applies.
Magenta Separator blocks.


  • Parameters are case-sensitive.
  • Do not use spaces unless between orange text/quotes.
  • Line breaks are ignored.
Parameter Description
maintext Replacement for the "Description:" portion of the embed. Limited to 500 characters.
objectclass Specifies Object Class. Limited to 30 characters.
title Replacement for the title. Limited to 100 characters.
imglink Replacement for the image. Must be a URL.
planttruncationlink Can only be manually set to false. If unspecified, will be assumed true. If set to false, the embed will not end the maintext/description with the "…" truncation link that links to the article.

Special Flags

Flag Description
<br> Gets replaced with a proper line break in the embed. This must be used for when line breaks are desired, since Auptics ignores all natural line breaks when reading the AQM.
<aqmdl> Replaces text with an anchor text that links to the article. Used only when customizing the maintext parameter. Must be encapsulated around desired anchor text. Ex. <aqmdl>Kentucky-Fried Smegma</aqmdl> —> Kentucky-Fried Smegma


Auptics III Bianhua has a debug command called ;hfrpc/hfpage to hot-fetch your article instead of loading it from the database. Instead of waiting up to an hour for the database to update to see if you've nailed the formatting for your embed, you can hot-fetch it with this command to pull up the embed live to see how it will look when the database update comes around and picks up your edit.

More may be added in the future.

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