RPC-702 (conceptual)

Registered Phenomena Code: 702

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow (requests to be reclassified as Gamma-White pending)

Hazards: Sentient Hazard, Extraterrestrial Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-702 has displayed its ability to bypass all security measures and containment protocols. It has shown surprising co-operation with Authority Staff when instructed to return to Site-[REDACTED] on a 4 month basis. Duration of stays at Site-[REDACTED] average at one (1) week.

When RPC-702 is present, it is to undergo questioning regarding its origin, the significance of “Him” (appropriately designated RPC-702-1), and any events that transpired within the four (4) month period of absence.

RPC-702 is allowed to leave its containment as it pleases as long as one (1) Staff Member of Level 2 clearance and above is present during this time. The entity has displayed a preference towards Agent [REDACTED] (See Addendum ???-?x) and will call out his name before leaving containment.

Description: RPC-702, is a humanoid entity standing at 7ft in height. It’s origin is unknown, though it is hypothesized that it may have entered the universe approximately 1.1 billion years ago due to redshift analysis.

Equipment at Site-[REDACTED]’s Cosmic Observatory has detected minute traces of FTL radiation that precedes the “entry” of RCP-702 into the universe.


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