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Welcome to Containment.
Look around you; in your briefing room, Containment always makes a strange and eclectic bunch. Paper-pushers and technicians, engineers and janitors all under one roof, a dozen specialities and responsibilities that don’t fit into a neat theme like the other two Divisions. We're not a bunch of doctorates and labcoats, and we're sure as hell not an army of spies and gunmen.

We’ve got a theme, but you can’t sum it up with a microscope or a rifle; hard work, and necessary work. Containment is bio-sealed coveralls and grease-stained gloves; Containment is thankless paperwork and endless drudgery. Some of you are going to wonder what's so special about this damned place, while Research struts around with high-level clearances and Protection cleans their guns for the next heroic mission.

Well, if you haven’t picked it up by now, we're the core of the Authority, down its bones and nerves and calorie intake. We build the glass walls that Research gets to sit behind; we run the Sites and make the shackles for the monstrosities that Protection drags in. The food in the cafeteria, the concrete in the walls, and the haven in the storm that other Divisions take for granted.

Sure, Containment never gets the glory. Even with in-Division merit and conduct award statistics, Containment honors its own the least out of the Divisions of RP and C. We’re not looking for breakthrough discoveries or heroic battlefield deeds; and in situations when we award for heroism, the very bravest men and women in the Authority spring from the ranks of our janitors, bureaucrats, technicians, and the other unsung personnel.

Containment only expects and has a long tradition of producing hard, diligent, and quietly crucial work. The other Divisions idolize geniuses and heroes; in contrast, every one of you is capable of matching our very best. I wish you luck, wherever you are headed.

Please report to your specialized departmental briefings at this time.

- Head of Containment, ███████ Vasquez

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Protocol Laboratory

The Prolab, as it is colloquially called, is a specialized research and bureaucratic department responsible for creating effective Containment Protocols for RPCs. A mix of scientists, engineers, and liaison officers, the Prolab has an equal hand in the construction blueprint for a cell and the highly specific instructions given to site guards.

Frequently working with specialists from Research, security experts from Protection, and engineers from the Component, the Prolab represents the heart of their Division's mission: to build the shackles so Research can do its job and Protection's effort and blood is not wasted.

Engineering Component

The Component is an enormous, multifaceted department with wide-ranging responsibilities in Sites and in the field. Personnel from this Department expand the global infrastructure of the Authority, plan and construct Sites, and follow the containment cell plans of the Prolab with absolute precision. The greatest marvels of human engineering are routine for the professionals of the Component, hidden from the world by design.

Maintenance Union

The Union is the department responsible for the general representation of miscellaneous site staff. Janitors, cooks, low-level technicians and logistics personnel, and others; the people that keep the lights on, the facilities livable, and equipment maintained. Giving a voice to low-level staff in Containment is often seen as strange by the other Divisions, yet behind the absurdity is a time-proven expedience.

The employee representation and subsequent increase in employee morale is a secondary benefit; the true purpose of the Maintenance Union lies in the procedure errors and missteps of laboratory staff, guards, and others that are often noticed by low-level staff before anyone else. Slight deviations from the norm in maintenance tunnels and lonely hallways can indicate an imminent containment breach; the only ones placed to observe these are low-level staff.

The Maintenance Union is a robust part of the Containment Division structure that sends these often vital reports to other Departments and Divisions. This efficient and swift process has and continues to prevent numerous containment breaches in all corners of the Authority.


Authority Extraterrestrial Defense Force

Ex Terra, Per Ardua.

Authority Space Agency is a really generic name. Please suggest a better one from existing references to an Authority space force on the site or in your mind, I'm doing this last.

EDIT: name taken from Von's incomplete-history-of-the-authority. Using that as a guide for the space bits of this Hub.

Unusual & Interstellar Infrastructure Bureau

Experts in the construction and maintenance of off-world Authority sites; for example, the Authority's moon infrastructure, including Site-019 (formerly Fort Columbiad), the Sauron Laser Installation, and Site 099. Frequently works with the AIA to suppress accidental detection of space assets by civilian enthusiasts. Additionally, the U&IIB often has responsibility over cross-dimensional sites and operations, particularly in non-euclidian locations.

Contractor Liaison Office

The Office is the strongest bureaucracy in the Containment Division, an acknowledgement of the real limits of the Authority's logistical power. Tasking the Engineering Competent with directly building every possible Site, especially ones with no special requirements is prohibitively expensive and a waste of their expertise. Likewise, the mundanities of food and fuel need to be addressed.

To this end, to construct and supply many Authority sites, the Office hires civilian contractors and obfuscates the true purpose of their work. Agreements with many governments will allow then to mask Authority facilities with the guise of the local military or intelligence agency; for other cases, the Authority maintains an immense catalog of front companies.

Department of Communications

To truly secure its independence from powerful national governments and rival organizations, the Authority requires rapid and utterly secure communication links between its scattered presence on every continent of the Earth - and beyond. In reality, this translates to a shadow network of cables and satellites, robust and advanced, able to weather anomalous disasters and the best efforts of rival spies.

The Department of Communications oversees the maintenance and construction of this vital web; serving as technical consultants in every Site, working with the Engineering Component in the field, and obfuscating the records whenever a surveyor or diver finds a comms cable where none should be.

Keeping the phone and data lines open at any cost; often unsung and unknown, the Comms Department knows the absolute vitality of its work.

Department of Human Resources

Authority personnel are often
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