Cowboys & Squids







in request for its


~ 12th of October, 1881 ~


Lethality Concealment Desirability Priority Status
8 7 8 (Cochise County) 7 D
Thinking Creatures - Armed with Anomalous Weapons - Highly Aggressive

Bounty Commissioner, ​Officer Morgan Seth Earp
Lead Bounty Hunter, ​Levi "Cotton Head" Lavoe





Upon capture, immediately notify


*In the circumstances of a shoot-out, bring evidence of killing.


All able-bodied and well-armed “second-hand law enforcers” in the Protectorate, the Concealment offices, or even the Axton-Hornsby Exploration Society—from the Star Gazers to the Jawlock Club—are encouraged to take on the WANTED bounty attached alongside this report. And while a hefty pay from the county’s pocket would be lovely for some of our more… demanding “residents” beneath the saloon, making sure the Black Water Gang ain’t gonna cause more trouble is our first priority.

But don’t try to play the hero, taking the whole crew by yourself. We’ve gotten to many good men in the bone orchards already.

- Officer Lester A. Cohen

The people of Cochise County, including Tombstone’s very own sheriff, are blissfully ignorant of the Black Lake Gang’s true nature as anomalous creatures, believing them instead to be a human, although fairly odd, and certainly violent, group of outlaws terrorizing the region. Whenever possible, our men and communicants across the county are to make sounds of these rumors to prevent unnecessary complications in our already-messy state of affairs. It’ll also result in far less folk trying to “hunt the beasts” by themselves.

Should you see yourself suitable to take on the gang, hopefully with a team following you close by, there are a few things one ought to take note of:

  • Dave and his crew are tough, a term which also applies to their physical selves. Normal gunfire won’t do them any harm, either bouncing off of hard scales or plated iron;
  • Outrunning the gunners in horseback is unfeasible, as is making them plummet from their steeds, for they have naught. You are to ensnare them by surprise, and keep them grounded, else they’ll sail away;
  • Bring salt with you, and hurl it forth to the beasts only as a last resort. For reasons unbeknownst to the author of this document, they appear to harbor fear towards it. Although, in some cases, it has also been shown to enrage them. And;
  • In the case of being cornered - or otherwise put in a non-desirable position by the gang - it is advised to wait until nightfall. The gang has only ever been seen attacking in broad daylight, running away as soon as the dark starts to settle.

Dolefully, these bits of guidance are the best we are able to provide. Most of the men who’ve gotten close enough to catch them have never come back, and those that ran away know only enough not to die. Lavoe, our head-hunter for these things, recommends bringing harpoon rifles and dynamite instead of revolvers. Fishing nets are another useful tool by his accounts, as are crucifixes and other religious periapts; by his accounts, the gang appears to avoid contact with them. All of the previously listed items will not be freely provided without Cohen or Lavoe’s permission.

Once caught, and if alive, the gang is to be brought in secrecy to the Bucket of Blood Saloon while Dave’s helmet may be given to Officer Morgan as a sign of a successful bounty. Chained and placed near a running salamander, the gang may be questioned by senior officers of the Protectorate. Aliment may be provided, but only without a reasonable, and reduced, budget.

Wretched creatures they be, I tell ya. I’ve lost more years and grown more grey hairs trying to catch em’ than I would’ve if I’d gotten married. Facing them ain’t no child’s game, and the fools that’ve gone out to get them alone don’t live to tell it. While I’m, funnily enough, at sea about these monsters, you’ll see me bald before I give up this dream of being a dry-land fisherman.

- Levi Lavoe


Standing over 7 feet tall and fully covered in a steel diver’s gear, this thing is the Water-Devil himself. He goes by the title of “Deep Dave”, though nobody knows his real name, identity, family, friends: Nothing. Some, myself included, don’t even think the hellish thing is even a man to begin with. Seeing him carry around all that heavy gear, leaking water from every hole, may give a fool the wrong impression that he’s got the upper hand. Sadly, they’ll never get the chance to learn from their mistakes.

- Levi Lavoe


"Deep Dave" as seen rising from a lake.

The Black Lake Gang, known in record as “ANOMALIE OBSCURA No.729”, is a five-man group of outlaws led by the dangerous gunner “Deep Dave.” This group has become widely-known across Cochise County. Be it theft, murder, or a wide number of petty crimes, they are ruthless criminals with the only objective of causing mayhem in whichever community they happen to fall upon. As for their paranatural qualities, the gang present the following:

  1. Despite their outward appearance, and usage of heavy clothing and hats, none of its members (with a plausible exemption for Dave himself) are human. Recounts by our men and civilians depict them as a bipedal abomination, resembling an union between men and marine animals;
  2. Lacking horses that could hold their weight or shape, the gang rides on motorized and expertly crafted land-sails of varying proportions, and;
  3. Possessing a similar complication with guns, most of its members have been seen firing at law enforcers with squids in hand. While a hilarious thought at first, most casualties related to their attacks have been men with ink-blasted across their skulls.

Excluding the titular leader of the gang, its other members include “Calamari Clark”, the gang’s main gunner; “Violin Vince”, the gang’s brute; “Shrimp Shram”, titular bank-vault cleaner; and finally, “Eelan”, Dave’s slithery right hand and second-best gunner.

Author Note: Only Dave’s nickname has been confirmed, with the rest being the invention of Lavoe, which have been included here at his insistent request.


Here onwards will be various interviews and recountings of the gang’s actions by the people of Tombstone, as transcribed by me, and performed by Officer Cohen from the Ranger’s Protectorate Committee.


Be it found in the aftermath of shoot-outs, or taken in by a bounty hunter, many objects of note belonging to the Black Lake Gang have been acquired by our organization over the past few months. All henceforth mentioned items have been stored in the underbelly of the Bucket of Blood Saloon. Until further notice, they are to remain there.

Complete Inventory

- One (1) live Iron Squid, used by the titular gang instead of guns. Untamed. To be kept in a lead box until further notice.

For starters, the squid - which I have aptly named Sepioteuthis telum - possess far thicker skin than any of its cousins, at least, of all those I've been able to study overseas. Probing was also challenging due to it’s aggressive nature. And how dangerous it was! The hardened-ink pebbles it directed at me must’ve been strong enough to put any commercial bullets to shame.

- Dr. Fiddlewood

- Three (3) small badges bearing an "S" on them. Thought to be part of the gang's repertoire. Acquired after a shootout by Jerry B. Langston, local bartender, in which he blew them off a gunner's arm(s).

Little Bar-Dog got balls of iron, I say. Told me he was wearing a cross in them neck during the whole thing, kept them from coming close by, he said. I wonder what causes these beats to freat the Lord so darn bad. Could It be, and I say by the holes of me teeth, that they be diabolical?

- Levi Lavoe

- Two (2) oversized, makeshift coats. One bearing extra arm-holes, the other being two different coats stitched together. Left in the aftermath of a bank robbery.


On 27th of September, just at daybreak, was found Lavoe, beaten, bloody and with a bag over his head, just outside of the Bucket of Blood Saloon. One him hung a sign strung with rope to his neck, one that read "Be Warned", in red lettering.

Being nursed back to health from near-death by his fellow Axton-Hornsby associates, Lavoe finally broke his silence, demanding to speak with me - the author of this document - in order to share information “vital” to the case of the Black Lake Gang. What follows is a transcript - also written by me - of his retelling

Author Note No more attacks by the Black Lake Gang have been recorded for a few weeks since this incident. Should this continue, I’ll have no choice but to freeze this one up until a better time.

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