Registered Phenomena Code: 285

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazard Types: Ballistic-Hazard, Mechanical-Hazard, Aggresive Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-285-01 is to be kept in a box measuring 25.40 cm x 8.89 cm x 15.24 cm, which is to be stored in Locker 29. RPC-285-02 is to be kept outside of RPC-285-01 in Locker 32. While not in use, RPC-825-02 is to be not be used in any other 9x19mm Parabellum calibre weapons. Any tests to be carried out must be granted permission by a researcher with Level-3 security clearance.

Description: RPC-285-01 is a Sig-Sauer P365 modified with a LIMA365 laser sight. Aside from the modifications, RPC-285-01 seems to be scratched up where usually the "Sig-Sauer" logo would be. RPC-285-01 only exhibits anomalous properties when it is loaded RPC-285-02, which can only be designated from normal 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges by the colouring of the box, (yellow with black text), and it's manufacturer, ███████. 3 instances of RPC-285-02 have been found and taken into Authority control.

When RPC-285-01 is loaded with RPC-285-02 and not fired, several anomalous actions taken by RPC-285-01 have been noted. The following actions have been noted:

  • (3 minutes after being fully loaded): RPC-285-01 will start to shake violently and it's laser sight will to start to blink on and off. After 2 minutes of this activity, RPC-285-01 will stop all anomalous activity and return to its pre-anomalous state.
  • (8 minutes after being fully loaded): RPC-285-01's slide will start to move forwards and backwards while it's hammer will be cocked back. After the slide has moved back and forth about seven times, the slide will go back to its normal position. The hammer, however, will stay cocked back.
  • (11 minutes after being fully loaded): RPC-285-01 will rotate itself to the nearest person in the room, while it's laser sight will turn on.
  • (15 minutes after being fully loaded): RPC-285-01 will suddenly fire off its bullets in a fully-automatic mode, (not available on a regular P365), with the shots fired from it usually hitting dead centre where it's laser sight is being pointed. Once the nearest person is shot, RPC-285-01 will turn to the next nearest person and open fire on them, then it will continue this cycle until all persons in the room are incapacitated.

Any organism that is shot by RPC-285-01 will become unconscious and unless they have RPC-285-02 removed from them in 5 minutes, the person will die. RPC-285-01 must be loaded with RPC-285-02 in order for its anomalous properties to occur, with no other 9x19 Parabellum brand affecting RPC-285-01. RPC-285-02 will also not exhibit any anomalous properties if loaded into any other 9x19 Parabellum weapons.

Addendum 285-1 - Recovery Log: At 2:47 AM local time on Herstal Street, ███████, several shots were heard coming from a house owned by the █████ family. The Police were notified by the neighbours and arrived at the house. When they got there, 3 people were seen laying on the ground, later confirmed to be dead, with several others either hiding or trying to help the injured civilians. RPC-285 was taken as a piece of evidence for the case. After several interviews, an embedded agent in the police force contacted the Authority and RPC-285 was taken in Authority control. All witnesses and interviewers were then given Class C amnestics.

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