Croals Mandatory Readings

Here I include some of my favorite RPC works, and works that I think are excellent introductions into the world of RPC. Check some of them out if you get a chance.

Main Series

RPC-022 - The Eternal Legate
RPC-048 - Mouth to Mouth Transportation
RPC-067 - Middle Management
RPC-068 - An Authoritarian Librarian
RPC-070 - Burger King Battle Royale
RPC-099 - The Extremely Probable (Yet Still Equally Improbable) Probability Device
RPC-111 - Congratulations! You are our last customer!
RPC-113 - Gravity Vine
RPC-127 - Cloud Coverage
RPC-137 - A Love Story
RPC-148 - The Thulian Bible
RPC-187 - If I'm Dreaming My Life
RPC-193 - The Amazing! Co. Kidz-Frendly STAPLOR!™
RPC-202 - ACS Entropy
RPC-286 - Squirrel of Terrible Resolve
RPC-287 - A Blanket for All Mankind
RPC-299 - The Cosmic Librarian
RPC-310 - Garpon, Ruler of Beasts
RPC-313 - The Wellspring
RPC-313 - Silver for a Sea-man
RPC-332 - An Ocean Bear
RPC-460 - An Acquired Taste
RPC-463 - Luck Be
RPC-469 - For The Emperor
RPC-503 - The Last of The Teutonic Order
RPC-543 - The Howlers of Dreamland
RPC-547 - Rovers From Another Planet!
RPC-548 - The Hateful Star
RPC-549 - Broken Glass and Twisted Metal
RPC-563 - The Shepard and His Flock
RPC-570 - Kitty Kitty
RPC-580 - Bestial Gift of the Behemoth and the Third Reich
RPC-654 - The Engineer and the AEDFS Lupin
RPC-661 - RPC-661 - Unbek-Tief and the New God
RPC-664 - A Gross New Trend
RPC-665 - Hell is Just Under Hell(, Michigan)
RPC-666 - Beast of No Nation
RPC-689 - The Seat of Criticism
RPC-722 - AEDFS Solidarity
RPC-794 - The Mass
RPC-831 - AEGIS v8.3.1
RPC-896 - Don't Play Me I'm Scared
RPC-909 - Soda!
RPC-916 - The Time Traveller's Handbook
RPC-971 - Grass is always Greener
RPC-983 - Stars, We Are
RPC-999 - Helping Hands

Tales and Info

Sean's Bizarre Adventure
Men on the Moon
Working Unpaid Overtime
Death of Character
Complaint Box
A Feast for Clams
The Beast When There Are No Nations
Beasts, in the Belly of the Beast
An Intrusion
The Void Calls
A Malthusian Orientation
Peppermint Daydream

A Dragstrip Librarian
Edible Brand Recognition
The First Gunslinger
Once Upon A Time In The West

A Timeline of the Anomalous
An Incomplete History of the Authority

A Word on the Anderson Coherency Scale
The Anomaly Boom
Viderics Guide
AEDF Fleet Manifest

A Catalog of Lesser Anomalous Items

I also highly recommend checking out the creators hosted on the Videos page and giving them support.
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