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Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow-Utility

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-XXX-A are to be held within a standard containment room within whatever site they are assigned to. Containment room should include a standard 240 volt appliance power outlet on one wall. Only one instance of RPC-XXX-A are allowed per site. Instances of RPC-XXX-B are to be stored in an adjacent room to that which RPC-XXX-A is stored in. This room should include storage shelves of a 2 meter by 1 meter dimensions. Applications to use RPC-XXX-A to create an instance of RPC-XXX-B are attached below and should be submitted to containment specialist Dr. Kravinski. Only one instance of RPC-XXX-B can be created and used by an individual at one time.

Description: RPC-XXX consists of two distinct components, RPC-XXX-A, and RPC-XXX-B

RPC-XXX-A are a set of 6 identical iron boxes. They are roughly 2.5 meters by 1.5 meters by 1 meter. They have a hinged lid with three large clasps which opens along the long side. On the one sides of the box is 5 meter 240 volt power cable, and on the opposite side is an on/off switch, a dial labeled Low, Medium, High, and a four digit minute and second timer.

RPC-XXX-B are humanoid entities created by RPC-XXX-A in the following process.

  1. The mold is opened and filled with any solid or liquid matter.
  2. The mold is closed and the user should select a setting on the dial.
  3. If the mold is connected to a power source, the power switch can be turned to the on position and the timer will begin counting down from 59 minutes, 59 seconds.
  4. Once the timer reaches zero, the switch will flip to the off position, and the lid of the mold will unlatch.
  5. The entity within will open the lid and emerge from the mold, standing in front of whoever is its "master."

The dial on RPC-XXX-A appears to manipulate the density or state of matter of the RPC-XXX-B instance created. See the table below for more details.

~State of Matter ~Setting on Dial ~State of Matter of entity
Gas Low Gas
Gas Medium Liquid
Gas High Solid or Superfluid
Liquid Low Gas or Liquid
Liquid Medium Liquid
Liquid High Solid or Superfluid
Granulated Solid Low Fine Powder
Granulated Solid Medium Original Consistency
Granulated Solid High Large Pieces
Solid Low Gas or Liquid
Solid Medium Liquid
Solid High Solid

Once an entity has emerged from RPC-XXX-A, it is designated as an instance of RPC-XXX-B-X, with X being replaced with a number.
Instances or RPC-XXX-B are humanoid in form with a height of 2 meters and width at the shoulder of 0.75 meters. Instances of RPC-XXX-B have no facial features, orifices, or internal structure. Respire this, instances comply to a roughly human body plan, typically limiting movement to the location and range of movement of human joints.

Instances are imprinted on whoever activated RPC-XXX-A by flipping the on switch during their creation. The instance is loyal to that individual, listening only to commands given by that individual. RPC-XXX-B instances are incapable of auditory communication, but respond correctly to auditory communication from their master, regardless of language, and can use gestures and body language for basic communication. Instances are capable of performing basic physical task, such as lifting objects, using hand tools, or basic combat, but appear unable to use written language or use complex machinery such as computers, vehicles or projectile weapons. Instances take on the properties of the material(s) they are made out of and appear to have innate awareness of those properties and how to use them. Instances are able to manipulate their limbs to fit the task they are assigned, but always maintain their general humanoid form. For example, a metallic instance of RPC-XXX-B will form the end of its arm into a blade for combat, or into a hammer shape if given the task of hammering in a nail.

If one indivdiual attempts to become the master of two instances of RPC-XXX-B, the two instances will become violent, fighting until one or both of them is destroyed. Because of this, any individual may only be the master of one instance of RPC-XXX-B at any given time,

Instance of RPC-XXX-B degrade over time, and cannot repair damage themselves. After anywhere between 30-90 days, the entity will being to rapidly degrade until they are left as a pile of their original material. Instances degrade faster the more they are used. Instances can be placed back into the mold to repair damage or stop degradation, but after roughly 8 remolding, they will become ineffective and the instance will degrade. There is a direct relationship between the density and longevity of an instance; the more dense they are, the longer they can last before degrading.
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A plastic straw cylinder dispenser, which when filled with plastic straws, creates insect like creatures out of them. These creatures emerge from the dispenser and find the nearest vertebrate and suck out their blood and internal organs. They then return to the dispenser, where the number of straws increases, creating more insects.

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