Let the smoke grab the moon and sky
And may the shadows pass you standing idle
So we may still be one
When the darkness comes strolling by


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazards: Extra-Dimensional

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be held in a standard Authority containment chamber with depictions of satanic symbols and rituals surrounding the vicinity both inside and outside the containment area. At no point is communcation between personnel and RPC-XXX allowed and any person who communicates with RPC-XXX is to be considered deceased and left inside the containment chamber.

Any gas leaks coming from the chamber are to be met with full force with the current head researcher being notified immediately. Lockdown is to go into effect in the containment area with on duty personnel reciting "I banish the dark". On-site nuclear warheads are to be detonated in the event of full containment breach. Containment Procedure 'D-PRGE' is to go into effect immediately following gas leakage. (See Updated Containment Protocols).

Updated Containment Protocols: Containment Procedure 'D-PRGE' is to go into effect following a gas leak from within RPC-XXX's containment procedure. 'D-PRGE' is an experimental on-site vaccuum creation technology in which the atmospheric pressure surrounding RPC-XXX's containment area is to be raised to 25 atm with instant suppresion of all avaliable oxygen and nitrogen. The natural environment around RPC-XXX is then cryogenically frozen and secured in previous containment. RPC-XXX is to be subject to possible annihilation through bombardment of electrons and positrons following review of conditions by the current Head Researcher.

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation given to a collection of various gasseous clouds composed of extra-terrestrial elements currently unrecognized by the American Chemical Society. RPC-XXX has no definite form or dimensions; however, the most common size of the gasseous cloud seen to date in containment is approximetly 47 Liters and 236 kg. No matter the current containment of RPC-XXX, the gas molecules do not dissipate but rather stay held by an unknown force in a spherical formation with a deep blue color similar to that of Neptune.

When uncontained, RPC-XXX begins to engulf any avaliable matter in its vicinity. Anything phased through by RPC-XXX is disintegrated and broken down into its base components1 save for materials which display satanic or cultic symbols on or in them. In containment, deep rumbling can be heard coming from RPC-XXX with mentions towards Latin and Ancient Greek prayer. It is currently unknown whether RPC-XXX can purposely produce sound or whether it is a byproduct of elementary reactions occuring from within the gasseous cloud.

Reports of RPC-XXX date back to 768 C.E. Persia with depictions of RPC-XXX as an evil deity capable of immense evil if not appeased. Appeasment efforts such as providing materials to the gasseous cloud, or constructing shrines in honor of RPC-XXX have been documented which display the shrinkage of RPC-XXX. Reports of human sacrifices have been found in Russian dating back to 800 C.E. in which still-alive humans were stripped and depostied into fields to freeze and become subject to assimilation by RPC-XXX.

It is unknown whether the process of providing materials to RPC-XXX lead to the shrinking or the expansion of the gasseous cloud; however, both processes were documented during times of turmoil or conquest. RPC-XXX is seen to be given many different designations but they all stem from names of evil deity's the closest affected people believe in.

According to various sacred Nivaldi texts and depictions, it is believed that RPC-XXX is considered to be part of an acient race known as "The Prime Beings" along side RPC-866 and various other entities capable of causing major apocalyptic events. Due to the confounding nature between the origins of both RPC-XXX and RPC-866, it is hypothesized that RPC-616 can be linked to "The Prime Beings" and may have connections to the Nivaldi. Further investigation is neccesary into the capabilities and background of RPC-616 to determine whether it is a spawning ground for "The Prime Beings" or if it is simply a means of dimensional transportation.

Discovery: RPC-XXX came into Authority knowabouts after reports of an evil deity in the form of a gasseous cloud reappeared on dark web religious and cultic forums. Reports of gasseous clouds appeared around ████████, Russia which warranted investigation by Authority personnel. Following Authority intervention, RPC-XXX was contained using experimental vacuum-creation weaponry and all citizens around the area of acquisitionn being administered amnestics.

It is currently unknown whether RPC-XXX appeared prior to the increase in number of reports concerning it, however it is assumed that the reports were linked to a sudden appearance of the gasseous cloud and its respective effect on the surrounding area.

Document XXX.A: Report of RPC-XXX found in present day Iraq
First known documentation of RPC-XXX dating back to 768 C.E. persia written by Persian philosopher Amud Ibn Amud.

Day 1:
I do not trust the strange deity or do I want to provide appeasement to it. I pronounced faith to my god when I first layed eyes on this world and I do not dare reject the one true king for a malignant being. Whoever may worship the foul spirit I wish them forgiveness from above for they not know the true path. They seek instant gratification rather than the struggle of life which brings peace in the after. A creature of smoke and shadow no doubt. A creature which comes from the pits of below and demands sustenance but does not know who we are or what we strive for. The destructive being knows no bounds and I fear everyday for not only myself, but my people who denounce their faith for it. Most of all I worry for my faith. Without my people here, who would give worship and grace to the one above. How I do pray this does not last. How I do pray the shrines and false beliefs will dissipate as the evil one does. How I do pray we will be spared in the name of above.

Day 12:
I do not know how much longer I may write. The being has grown only larger and the faith for it follows the same direction. I had to abandon my previous life as the nomads came in honor of the evil one. They seek tribute from all in the land. They seek materials and praise for the unholy deity. They are overcome by the secrets it whispers in their ears as they sleep. They are swept away by the false promises which are offered in return for fielty. They are taken under the cold grasp of sacreligion and ill given promises which would only lead to our demise. I fear for my brothers and sisters. They do not know what they have become and I believe they can no longer come back from it. Ravana they call it. A horrid name for a horrid being. I wish them all peace for these are the trying times in which we must join together, not move apart. I look towards the next time I may write, yet I do not know when that may be.

Day 67:
This is the first time I have been able to write as of recent. The nomads, they grow in size and strength as Ravana grows. I hate to speak the name yet I know no other to call it by. Its call finds my ear in the night. I despise the name yet it sounds so sweet as it rolls off my tongue. The ideas, the glory, the eternity among it, how sweet it must be for my brothers and sisters. How delicious must the feeling of eternal fielty must be to them. All I have left is my faith but where has that gotten me. Where has my faith in above gotten me but to a cave where I have my book and the rock to lay my head beisde. What do they have which I do not. Glory, happiness, eternity. The one above is not fulfilling. The one below is who I want. The one below, Ravana be its name shall be the one which I call to at night. Ravana I am coming. Ravana I beg to join the army of the damned. Ravana accept me. Ravana.

Document XXX.B: Excepts from a novel based on RPC-XXX found in Russia
The following is a translation from a Novel dating back to 800 C.E. concerning RPC-XXX written by an esteemed Russian noble who was one of the first to come into contact with RPC-XXX.

Document XXX.C: Journal Entry of a Latin cleric found in 14th century England
The following journal entry was found during a recent scavage in ██████████, England after a report of anomalous activity. The rest of the journal was indecipherable due to charring. Journal entry dates back to the 14th century and is written by a Latin cleric who came into contact with followers of RPC-XXX.

Just as the lord giveth, He can taketh away just as He did with man in the first days of creation. But the lord must give us the strength to resist this new evil. This unknown evil. It has already ammased followers who believe in the darkness and not the warmth of light. They rather shiver and crawl in the shadows than bathe in the warmth and promise of the Lord's light. How or why they do this is unknown to me and only known to the Lord. I only know of what I see, and what I see is darkness seeping into the streets and into the carriages of babies and through the windows of the church and take root in the minds of the people. It seeks out the loneliness they all hold and it takes root, corrupting the minds and tainting the souls. Lord, I ask for you forgiveness and your prowess and your strength. Allow me the power to destroy these evil thoughts and rejuvenate the minds of the sick. Lay down your sword and give these poor folk your mercy as they journey through the darkness in hopes of finding the light. They came to me last night. They began to speak unknown tongues and foreign ideas to me which corrupted my ears and forced me to retreat into the holy aura of the church. They talk about the glory and grandeur of the shadows but they not know the true way of light. I will show them the way of light. I will show them your light. Give me strength Lord, and I shall lay down holy fire for you, and regain the praise of your children. Give me the serenity to rain holy fire upon the sinners and corrupted so you may feel the prayers of all your people. Upon the grace and glory of your eternal wisdom Lord, I shall put the light into their hearts again so that the darkness and nothingness may leave them forever.






Foreword: The following document is a retelling by Head Researcher ████ of the events which occurred after a containment breach of RPC-XXX on ██/██/20██. Following this breach, containment procedure 'D-PRGE' was developed and put into effect immediately.

<Begin Log>
Shadows, smoke and darkness is all we saw following the gas leak. No warning, no smell, not sound. Just countless bodies falling to the floor with the smoke around their necks and bodies. I was one of the lucky ones who watched from the control room. The others, well the ones which weren't brutally killed by the smoke were eaten from the inside out. The smoke entered through every orifice they had, and made its own entrance in places which didn't have any. It ate them from the inside out, dissolving their organs and leaving a shell of what was once there. For some reason it didn't take the skin. Maybe to remind us of the horrors of what it could do. Maybe it was a metaphor for something. It could have been trying to tell us it takes more than what we can hold. It takes their souls and their being. It doesn't just kill them, it takes their soul and strips them of what they are.

One of the guards on duty was spared. Maybe he had already embraced the darkness and it realized that. Maybe it was full from the other guards it had devoured. Who knows anymore. When your dealing with the embodiment of evil who can really give you a straight answer anymore.

I still remember what he had said to me from the breach area that day. "Accept the smoke ████, and let it enter you, deny it, and its roots will latch on to what makes you, you". He was right. I was never a religious person, so it wasn't a travesty following what he said, especially when you have a smoke monster coming to devour you. Every other person in that control room was killed, except me. It's a bit daunting to see your co-workers souls stripped away from them, but its also carthatic. Being able to close the door to death in that instant, the vision of nothingness left behind in my coworkers, it made me realize what life should truly be spent living on. It may seem insane to think, but it gave purpose to life, and to what it should be spent living on. The idea behind religion, the idea behind belief, it gives no satisfaction. It gives purpose but no goal. The darkness, well the darkness gives glory and meaning behind everything. The darkness provides that little bit of insanity in a world full of monotiny.

A world scared of darkness is a world the false light of religion can take root in, but why does the darkness still exist then. Why hasn't the power of the light drawn out the shadows and the monsters which lurk within them. It's because the darkness is ever present. After the brightest star burns out, darkness will be there, no longer lurking but embracing now what it was truly meant to be, forevermore.

Do not deny the darkness for history always repeats itself, and in today's day and age, the time to deny history can mean the difference between life and death.

Yours Truly, Head Researcher ████, Child of the Darkness
<End Log>

When the roots of evil begin to hold
And the terror filled nights enter you soul
You will begin to know the endless gaze
Of the monster which lies deep within the haze

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