RPC-XXX, as depicted by █████████ University in collaboration with Site-008 staff. Anomolous TTN Titin strand purposefully redacted to prevent replication.


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazards: Organic, Biological

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-XXX, including affected animals and individual instances of RPC-XXX are to be contained in Authority Permafrost Containment inside Site-008. Under no circumstances are personnel Level-3 and under allowed any contact with RPC-XXX. All individuals found to be affected by RPC-XXX are to be acquired solely by Authority agents who have undergone experimental TTN-Coating surgery and have scored at least a 24 of out of 32 on the Schweps-Bridger Neuropsychology Cognitohazard exam. All animals (excluding humans) are to be incenerated immediatly upon acquirement.

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation given to the anomolous folding of the TTN Titin prion found in the sarcomere.1 Normally, the TTN Titin protein acts as a spring for muscle contrations and allows for the return of muscle tissue into a relaxed state after compression and vise versa. As the TTN Titin protein is approximately 1 nanometer in length, it is the largest organic protien currently found in animals (including humans).

The anomolous properties of RPC-XXX stem from its unpredicatbility in the contraction and relaxation of muscle tissue and its uncontrolled growth leading to various strength and energy-excertion effects. In animals who currently possess RPC-XXX, the muscle tissue is reinforced and improved by up to 200% normal strength than normal instances, and the seemingly impossible reproduction of muscle cells occurs at almost cancerous rates. The muscle tissue begins to expand and contract at inhuman proportions and begins to reproduce leading to extreme growths of muscles which leads to complete energy exertion within 24 hours of protein mutation. After individuals affected by RPC-XXX expire, their bodies continue to produce heat and exert energy providing for an almost "reanimation" like proccess where the individuals can complete various simple function such as movement and in some instances, acts of aggression. Instances of RPC-XXX are found in high proportions of individuals near ████████, Russia in which high cases of various psychotic diseases have been found. These two findings; however, are assumed to be unrelated and only a product of coincidence.

The effects of RPC-XXX are exhibited as follows in time of occurance:

  • Extreme muscle growth leading to skin tearing.
  • Densly packed growths appearing along the individual.
  • Extreme elongation of protruding individuals arms, legs and phalanges.
  • Stroke and cardiac arrest followed by extreme heat production.
  • "Reanimation" and extreme heat exertion followed by mindless movement and possible aggression.
  • Increased lactic acid production resulting in hypoxia and muslce death.

Discovery: RPC-XXX was initially discovered in animal individuals (including humans) in the area surrounding Installation-616 following its construction around RPC-616. The anomolous mutation of the TTN Titin protein complex was discovered during an autopsy of a villager living around the area of Istillation-616. They were to found to exhibit massive growths upon discovery and the internal protein environment was mapped only to discover the mutatated muslce protein.

Upon discovery of the cognitohazardous effect of RPC-616 and RPC-866, it was hypohtesized that the mutations arise as an unintended affect on the genetic integrity of the population surrounding RPC-616.

Addendum XXX.A: Autopsy Analysis of Cadaver with TTN Titin Protein Mutation


Addendum XXX.B: Field Notes of Head Researcher ██████

Recruitment. Plain and simple. It's been seen in every war, every conflict, every battle. The need for super soldiers. The need for genetically engineered warriors who can destroy everything in their way without emotion. That's what RPC-XXX is. It's not an accident. It's not a random mutation we see everyday. It's the creation of super soldiers. For some reason "the great one" or whatever they call that thing needs an army and the way he's doing it is through the people who follow him. We believe it attracts them to the crater and then mutates their protiens into XXX.

As of now, we don't know if the creatures that originate from the crater are related to these monstrosities of muscle and tumor or if they are two different entities. All we know is that these things originate from pure chaos. There is no muse or meaning behind them. There is no rationality stemming from the ceration of these things. There is simply chaos and disorder, and the Authority is built on containing this.

We have come face to face with the true form of chaos, and it is in our best interest to contain it, because if we don't more of these things will sprout from this eldritch spawning ground, and more time will be wasted dwelling on chaos, something we are not prepared to handle. I wish the Authority godspeed in keeping chaos at bay, for the times of tribulation are upon us, and the seperation of pandemonium and harmony is at risk.

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