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Threat Level: GT-02
Ownership: [UNKNOWN]
Known Allies: [REDACTED]


So-classified by our Authority for the ever-shifting entrances and locations of their strange markets and bazaars, the Demonymless is a collective term used to classify a variety of highly anomalous groups operating out of and maintaining highly-trafficked seemingly ancient hidden anomalous transport routes running across the globe.

Despite the changeable nature of these routes, the Authority has uncovered several locations known as 'Waystations' which have anomalously appearing entrances and exits concentrated within certain geographical areas or regions. Smaller entrances into the Demonymless network have been labeled locally under many names, most notably 'hide-behinds'; these typically lack the centralisation of mainstay Waystations, and are often colonised or controlled by other GoIs as a chokehold taking tolls from underground trade.

Undercover work by ACI and the Axton Hornsby Explorers' Society into such locations has revealed much of our modern knowledgebase of this GoI. Notable groups or locations within the Demonymless can be found listed below.


The arbiters of most dealings that occur on most Waystation grounds. Usually humans or ex-mercenaries who somehow found their way into a Waystation by happenstance, those of the old marketeer class rose into power through cutthroat dealings and backhanded tactics, losing at nothing to advance in their sector. Formally recognised by the silver stars presented before the entrances to their enterprises - the amount of points usually designating their partnerships - the marketeers are often sleezy and operate on their own terms, hoarding anomalous items like a dragon hoards gold. Their markethouses and manors are always open for those interested in 'ware-selling',1 regardless of allegiance.

Regardless of their dubious means of obtaining power, old codes are in place in most markethouses preventing the spillage of blood within a place of business transaction - failure to comply to such rules results in 'submission' to the Marketeer until a complete payment of debt is possible on the part of the debtor, often using anomalous means to do so.

Many anomalous mercenaries found their beginnings owing debt to such individuals. Due to this formative role, generation-spanning contractual relationships have been historically known to form between certain marketeers and various clans within the Demonymless network - and in many instances are known to hire out such mercenaries to prospective investors if good payment is supplied. The oldest of these can be seen in the form of powerful guilds or unions renowned throughout the anomalous underworld for their efficiency and security at offering a variety of much sought-after services - ranging from simple escort/transportation of anomalies, or assassinations.

Due to the anomalous neutral zone these markethouses provide, numerous other GoIs classified by the Authority - most notably Nucorp, Amazing! Co, and KK - are known to sell, buy, and transport goods in these locations.

It is worthy to note that there is extreme variability in terms of how these marketplaces present themselves - some Waystations are entirely one markethouse, others can be several that compete with one another. Depending on the Waystation, external GoIs have been known to be favoured in certain regions as well due to the origins of the marketeers that run them.

The Mercenaries of the Anomalous

The Mercenaries of the Anomalous are an order of mercenaries loosely united under a loose code of ethics, a warrior spirit, and the desire to use the finest in anomalous warfare to pursue the goals of their clients. Though some commonalities exist between various groups, nothing is standardised. These mercenaries are generally individuals neutral in ACS who have for whatever reason abandoned the limits of mundane equipment and embraced the fantastic to fulfill their charges.

Such mercenaries can be found all over the globe - usually using various transportation systems connected to Waystations in order to quickly locate their marks. No form of centralized leadership exists beyond the loose code its members follow. MoA members often organize themselves into small allied companies in order to take on missions that solitary mercenaries could not take on by themselves. Though there exists permanent hereditary and succession outfits,2 most are in a a constant state of flux and many rivalries exist between MoA outfits.

MoA does not usually make the anomalies that its members use, instead preferring to use anomalies recovered from missions or accepted as payment for their tasks upon their completion, or anomalies exchanged at Waystations. Many mercenaries, however, will take jobs that have no relation to the anomalous if an anomalous reward is promised. Due to their generally high success rate and reliance on the Demonymless network to retain their way of life, they are often the first to be hired by marketeers to shadow and protect anomalous goods transported along the countless trade-routes utilised by this GoI - as well as to remove any 'problem-associates' who have crossed the marketeers in dirty transactions along the way.

MoA has many informal bases and hubs that they operate out of across the world, sometimes located within Waystations, sometimes located outside of them. There are only 3 known permanent bases of operation that have continually seen use due to their durability and other outstanding factors that make them impossible or incredibly difficult to neutralize as a meeting ground.

Demonymless mercenaries have no loyalty to any beyond that of their comrades and their paying customers.

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