Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Gamma-purple

Hazards: Transmutable-hazard, Sapient-hazard, Contact-hazard, Ecological-hazard

Containment Protocols: After multiple failed attempts to relocate RPC-XXX, It has been decided to allow the anomaly to stay in the current area it resides (40.303936 -81.203030). Due to the presence of a road in the vicinity of the containment site, personnel guarding the anomaly are to be housed in a base camp located within the surrounding forest and to leave said area after sun down or if RPC-XXX attempts to move from its position. Any and all unauthorised trespassers are to be terminated upon sight.

Description: Though descriptions of RPC-XXX vary, personnel who have seen RPC-XXX generally describe the creature as large and bipedal, tall although a measurement is univalible, in possession of extreamly large hands with disproportionately sized claws perturbing, completely black respectively and with no pigmentation on any part of its body including its very large eyes. The head and mouth of RPC-XXX is described to change between a small head with a beak like mouth and a larger hard with a large jaw described to resemble a crocodile or alligator’s jaw. RPC-XXX can run at speeds in excess of [REDACTED] although it rarely moves at this speed.

RPC-XXX is usually extreamly docile and will let out loud ‘cooing’ noises although the purpous of such calls are unknown. The anomaly will very often sleep for many days and has shown much interest in birds that nest inside the structure it resides within. Depending on RPC-XXX’s mood, researchers will occasionally be allowed to take samples of a black substance completely covering the creatures body. This substance has been discovered to be an extreamly corosive material and will corrode iron, stainless steel and titanium within seconds. The anomaly is predominantly carnivorous, although it will accept Berry’s and fruits. When distressed, angered or scared, RPC-XXX has been known to produce large amounts of black substance, which will be referred to as CM-XXX, And corrode very large areas of land. It will also find the source of its distress or anger and use it claws to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] the source before entering a slumber.

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