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Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Beta-White.png Beta-White

Object Class:


Responsible Departments:

Psychology.png Department of
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Hazard Types:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sapient.png Sapient

General Properties:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell that is furnished appropriately for it’s current needs. It is allowed access to exercise and entertainment when requested during a period of good behavior. When it is not within its cell, at least one ASF member is required to accompany it at all times. Under no circumstances is RPC-XXX to be assigned to the same caregiver for more than one cycle; See Addendum XXX-2 for the incident report. In the event the caregiver refuses to part with RPC-XXX, they are to be restrained and administered Class a-3 amnestics and reassigned.

Description: RPC-XXX is a biologically non-anomalous human female of German and Korean descent, formerly known as Brigitte Schwaz. It’s only anomalous property is that when it reaches exactly 20 years of age it will spontaneously expire via Sudden Cardiac Death. After the subject has expired, its body will rapidly deteriorate and disintegrate until all that remains is a live infant version of RPC-XXX; This is referred to as a “Cycle”. During each Cycle, RPC-XXX will have minor variations in genealogical traits, due to traits within its DNA, and personality based on the environment it is raised in. While no attempt at containment breach has been made, new reincarnations generate new personalities within RPC-XXX making it unpredictable at times.

RPC-XXX has completed █ Cycles while within containment. It is currently unknown how many Cycles RPC-XXX has completed prior to containment, with no current method of discovering a definite number. Notably, RPC-XXX does not retain any memories from previous Cycles. Though no memories can be formed, muscle memory and innate tasks such as using a fork and holding a pencil are retained in the next Cycle.
As of ██/██/████, it was discovered that RPC-XXX can return to the beginning of a cycle at any point of time due to a premature death. This was discovered during a containment breach, after RPC-XXX attempted to protect its caregiver from RPC-███.

Discovery: RPC-XXX was found on a rural farm in [REDACTED] Germany. The anomalous human was first reported by Abraham Schwaz. After the death of RPC-XXX's sister and last living relative, Mr. Schwaz had handed RPC-XXX over to the authorities. When questioned as of why Mr. Schwaz was turning his sister-in-law over to the police he stated his age making him unable to properly care for her. After a few days in police custody RPC-XXX started a new Cycle; having been seen by station staff. It was after that incident that the RPC Authority caught wind of the anomaly and dispatched a MST to retrieve RPC-XXX. After successfully detaining RPC-XXX Dr. Patella and the Research Branch returned to the farm to question Mr. Schwaz, as well as retrieve any information available on RPC-XXX.


Initial farm house RPC-XXX resided.

Dr. Patella's team returned to the farm, their investigations turning up multiple documents and records of RPC-XXX. Collecting the documents to store for data entry later; along with records multiple war memorabilia and medical certificates, all of which was taken by Dr. Petalla's research teah.


DATE: ██/██/████

NOTE: The following recording is documentation of RPC-XXX's Cycle event. This was recording during RPC-XXX's █ Cycle.


00:01: RPC-XXX is seated on a stool in the center of a empty test room. RPC-XXX looks bored.

00:11: RPC-XXX complains of discomfort in it's chest. Subject brings hand to its hear and starts rubbing. At this time monitors connected to RPC-XXX detect heart palpitations.

00:20: RPC-XXX's heart continues to beat irregularly. Subject is now drawing short of breath and wheezing.

00:26: RPC-XXX states feeling dizzy then immediately falls off the stool.

00:31: RPC-XXX's monitors detect the sudden stop of RPC-XXX's heart beat. Subject seizes for a moment then falls still. All brain activity soon stops.

00:37: RPC-XXX's body begins algor-mortis; monitor system detects the rapid drop of RPC-XXX body temperature until it reaches the room's ambient temperature.

00:40: RPC-XXX's body beings rigor-mortis and livor-mortis. Bloating of the corpse begins at this time.

00:44: RPC-XXX's body begins active decay. Visible skin begins to blacken as tissues begin to liquefy. Odor of decomposition has started to emit from the body.

00:49: RPC-XXX begins advanced decay, and putrefaction has started. All organs have been liquefied, and skin has blacked completely as muscle tissue begins to break down. It is unknown where the liquids from the body goes to at this time, as the floor of the test chamber remains spotless and no detections of evaporation are noted.

00:52: RPC-XXX's body deflated as the last of it's organs are decomposed, at this time the skin disintegrates and disappears by unknown means until the skeleton of the previous cycle is all that remains. It's noted at this time that the infant stage of RPC-XXX has appeared in the chest cavity of the skeleton.

01:01 The previous RPC-XXX's body completely disintegrates with no particles or cells left over except for the infant body on the chest chamber floor. The infant begins to cry as the rest of the previous Cycle's bones disappears.


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Example 1. Example 2. Example 3.


The following documents are available to research department personnel and any Authority staff with level 2 clearance or higher.

— Dr. Petella, Senior Researcher, Psychology Department.

Research Logs


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Item Type: Human

Lethality Rating: White

Hazard Types: Sapient

Safe Handling and Usage: Handling of RPC-XXX is relatively easy at beginning stages of it's Cycles, however more force or persuasion may be need as RPC-XXX gets older. Though no excessive force has been needed RPC-XXX is subject to mood swings during middle stages of it's Cycles and refuse directions.

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