Dr Lobster Emperor Blood Serpent
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Registered Phenomenon Code: XXX

Object Class: Omega-Black

Hazard Type: Sentient, Aggression, Organic, Contact, Corrosive, Visual, Auditory, Biohazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is currently contained within the Amazon Rainforest area. As of ██/██/████, the [REDACTED] tribe is overseeing containment in joint effort with the RPC Authority1. RPC-XXX is contained within the Klashka Pyramid complex, under jurisdiction of the [REDACTED] tribe. The rituals and procedures that the [REDACTED] tribe have created will be referred to Procedure-XXX.

In the event of increased aggression from RPC-XXX-1, Procedure-XXX is to be engaged with a minimum of 10 people. Should RPC-XXX-1's aggression continue to increase, all valuable personnel are to evacuate to area via Authority helicopters. Non-essential personnel are to be armed and left to their own vises3. Should RPC-XXX-1 successfully leave RPC-XXX, nuclear warheads are to be launched immediately at the area. In the event RPC-XXX-1 exits the Amazon Rainforest, State of Emergency Protocol: 053-ALPHA "God Have Mercy" is to be enacted.

Description: RPC-XXX refers to a pyramid complex located deep within the Amazon Rainforest. The pyramid complex (referred to as Klashka by the native tribe) is approximately 1 square kilometre in size, but extends far below ground level. It is decorated with varieties of painted referencing human sacrifices. At the west side of the temple is contains a series of steps leading up to the top of the pyramid.

At the top of the pyramid is a large sacrificial alter. This alter contains a headrest and carved area for placement of a human4. Large grooves are carved out for the purpose of allowing blood to flow. This alter is currently not in use due to lack of efficiency.

Deep within the pyramid complex and underground is an extremely large chamber5 containing RPC-XXX-1.

RPC-XXX-1 is a colossal serpent, with estimates of length ranging from 5km to 100+km. Resembling a titanboa6. With major differences, including large feathers. It has a plume on its head. I'll think of more later.

RPC-XXX-1 has multiple known effects on animals and humans in the area. These effects are amplified if the victim is within RPC-XXX-1's sight.

  • Hemorrhaging
  • Multiple lacerations appearing on the body
  • Increased heartrate and bloodflow

Touching RPC-XXX-1 has in all cases, resulted in instant death by exsanguination. Posthumous examination has revealed that blood levels are at 0.

RPC-XXX-1 feeds by exsanguinating its victims. The blood will drain from the victim's lacerations, the blood will be drawn onto the body of RPC-XXX-1 slides up the grooves located throughout its body and into the mouth of RPC-XXX-1.

RPC-XXX-1 is intelligent, and capable of communicating in Oxta7. While communicating it is extremely arrogant, often demanding speakers worship/revere it as a deity. When asked of its name, it calls itself "Atetzkazmizatla"8.

RPC-XXX-1 is extremely hostile, and regularly attempts to escape from RPC-XXX. It's also a GIANT FUCKING CUNT THAT TRIES TO FUCKING KILL EVERY FUCKING CUNT HE SEES!

Addendum: Interview with the [REDACTED] Chief. Interview is translated from Oxta.

Interviewed: Atkechec Xtlchatz

Interviewer: Dr. ██ █████

Foreword: [Small passage describing the interview]

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Interviewer: So cunt I am trying to fucking think of something to say.

Person: So am I.

[Repeat as necessary]

<End Log, [optional time info]>

Closing Statement: I need to think of an interview later.

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