RPC-XXXX "Gateway to the Cosmos."

Photograph taken by unmanned drone during exploration mission 02.


Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX is to be contained at the location of discovery in █████, Illinois. Personnel working nearby RPC-XXXX in a thirty-meter radius shall be switched out daily due to RPC-XXXX's anomalous properties.

D-Class entering RPC-XXXX should be wearing an Authority issued EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit). Personnel completely affected by RPC-XXXX are to be banned from entering RPC-XXXX containment area. Exploration missions are to be approved by Level 4 security personnel.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a standard closet inside a space-themed child's room (designated RPC-XXXX-2). It was discovered in the household of █████, located in ████, Illinois. RPC-XXXX manifests a portal to a random location in the universe in its interior; this has in the past including locations within the Milky Way Galaxy or other observable galaxies, but also locations beyond the edge of the observable universe.

RPC-XXXX-2 shows signs of a proximity hazard, personnel in its range begin to exhibit obsessive behavior towards astronomy-related topics, including entering RPC-XXXX. Test 2-A shows that the effects of RPC-XXXX-2 will grow worse the longer the subject is in its range.

Subjects entering RPC-XXXX fades from view, entering a wormhole which appears to be stable, possibly extraterrestrial in origin. The subject will be transported to a random location in the universe; subjects entering RPC-XXXX without an EMU will be exposed to gamma radiation, most likely originating from the wormhole. The subject is to die in sixty days after being exposed to gamma radiation; subject exposed to space without an EMU will die either by lung implosion after attempts to hold their breath during decompression and asphyxiation. The subject will maintain minimal consciousness, still able to see his or her surroundings.

Addendum 01: Discovery: RPC-XXXX was reported to the RPC Authority on December 6th, 1987 after a missing-child case in which six local police officers disappeared after entering RPC-XXXX-2. The house was expropriated by the Authority shortly after, the family was relocated and put under constant watch by the Authority.

Addendum 02: The Journal: Two days after the initial loss of contact with D-1414, a small journal exited RPC-XXXX; the journal was quickly taken in for examination. The journal showed the name of the missing child, further examination revealed the child's obsession with space; the journal mentions an extraterrestrial being visiting the child and offering a simple way into space, this is stated Two days before the missing-child case. "Captain log 14: Some weird green thing visited me last night, it told me that It can let me explore space easily and that I can go tommorow night!"

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