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Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX Death Can't Do You Part


Object Class: Alpha-Yellow Epsilon-Red

Hazards: Meta-Physical, Ideological, Visual, Sapient.


An RPC-XXXX instance showing RPC-XXXX-1-12 looming over RPC-XXXX-V-2-12

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX on discovery and seizure are to be immediately evaluated whether they have made direct contact with an RPC-XXXX-V, instance and handled accordingly. If the RPC-XXXX has made contact, it is to be stored with other instances in the watch-room, and monitored for developments. If the RPC-XXXX instance has yet to make direct contact with an RPC-XXXX-V, it is to be stored in a dedicated storage room with individual sound proofed cells, and a drainage system.

Due to contact with RPC-XXXX-V instances being inevitable, security interrogating site trespassers are to verify whether trespassers seek an RPC-XXXX instance, and if so, they are to be used exclusively for testing with RPC-XXXX instances, or held in containment until the corresponding RPC-XXXX instance expires.

Description: RPC-XXXX instances are randomly appearing oil canvas paintings tantamount to one another, depicting a young Caucasian woman on her knees while looming over an empty bed. Although the scenes are highly similar, there is variance, namely with the woman included, RPC-XXX-1, and the backgrounds. Each RPC-XXXX-1 instance varies in physical appearance, and dress logically consistent with the present background. Furnishings and architecture depicted in RPC-XXXX deviate considerably in style, appearing medieval, western, baroque, modern, etc.

Each RPC-XXXX instance targets one corresponding individual each, RPC-XXXX-V1, by sending electromagnetic radiation directly to their brain, stimulating neurons, causing the RPC-XXXX-V instance to perceive a foreign voice. This radiation has been deduced to originate from angles beyond the standard three dimensions, as all attempts to block them have been circumvented. Moreover, voices heard by RPC-XXXX-V instances have been consistently described as female, cogent, clairvoyant, and insistent on RPC-XXXX-V approaching RPC-XXXX by any means.

Each RPC-XXXX-1 instance is only capable of moving2 above the waist, and never moves from their kneeling position. The majority of movements by RPC-XXXX-1 are inconsequential, being actions such as breathing, stretching, sighing, or yawning. However, an RPC-XXXX-1 instance will progressionally make full use of its upper-body as it looks towards an approaching RPC-XXXX-V, becoming more visible and lively as the RPC-XXXX-V instance gains in proximity. Ultimately resulting in the RPC-XXXX-1 to move their head and shoulders to look behind themselves, facing the RPC-XXXX-V instance.

RPC-XXXX-V instances upon entering an RPC-XXXX-1's empirical field become mentally overwhelmed by the RPC-XXXX instance, entering a reverie, rushing to look closely into the eyes of the RPC-XXXX-1 instance. Eye contact between an RPC-XXXX-1 instance and an RPC-XXXX-V instance promptly results in the RPC-XXXX-V instance curving and rotating upon themselves, falling into a 3+ dimensional hole, causing them to disappear. Following a disappearance, an RPC-XXXX-1 instance will return forevermore looming over the bed now occupied by an individual, RPC-XXXX-V-2, resembling the vanished RPC-XXXX-V instance.

All RPC-XXXX instances which have caused a disappearance are safe thereafter, but develop peculiar changes to the scene of RPC-XXXX over time. Changes to the room depicted in RPC-XXXX can include open, closed, broken, or barricaded windows, and the removal, or addition of blood, tools, food, drink, medicine, and ███████. RPC-XXXX-V-2 will change in various ways, gaining or losing: hair, blood stains, wounds, expressions, and a normal number of limbs. Additionally, RPC-XXXX-1 is also subject to changes, such as cleaned or stained apparel, wounds, and ███████.

If an RPC-XXXX instance fails to make eye contact with the corresponding RPC-XXXX-V instance within a week of conception, consequently the RPC-XXXX instance will begin to crumble and secrete lacrimation. However, if an RPC-XXXX instance fails to make eye contact because the RPC-XXXX-V instance was terminated, the RPC-XXXX instance will emit a loud wail, and both the RPC-XXXX-V corpse, and RPC-XXXX instance will disappear.

Discovery: The first RPC-XXXX instance seized by the Authority was on 16/12/1958, following a tip reporting an oil painting with disturbing changing features, during a missing person's investigation. All recorded RPC-XXXX instance manifestations have continued since to be found within the New England region, with discovery sites exclusively comprised by homes, orphanages, churches, and schools.

Addendum XXXX.01: All RPC-XXXX instances which include a view of the outdoors depict the same vista in windows, a modern yet primitive world. Resembling a city, but uncannily off as buildings are identical, cubic, gray, one story tall, and featured by only doors and windows. The buildings appear to be organized in a grid, separated by foggy ashen brick streets between sidewalks lit by antique street lamps.

Addendum XXXX.02: Vanished RPC-XXXX-V instances have been confirmed to not be terminated in the process. On 11/11/1963, Ralph K. ██████ disappeared due to an RPC-XXXX instance, according to home security footage. Although he vanished, he was able to contact the Authority, albeit for a short period of time before the connection was prematurely terminated. An audio log showing the conversation between Ralph, and an Authority first responder has been attached below.

Addendum XXXX.03:
Following the event regarding Ralph, the hostile entity has been confirmed to resemble the RPC-XXXX-1 found on the RPC-XXXX instance seized from his household.Cross examining security footage from Ralph's home with timestamped events from the first audio-log show injuries appearing on RPC-XXXX-2 at the same time, as Ralph was injured, with stab wounds on leg, and choke marks appearing an hour before the phone call. Consequently, it has been determined that RPC-XXXX acts as a looking glass into RPC-XXXX-A, revealing a sliver of the world, and the status of the corresponding RPC-XXXX-1 and RPC-XXXX-2 instances

Addendum XXX.04:
On 1/11/1989, D-class ████ █. ████ came forth, and reluctantly reported that he felt a great deal of pressure to come see something calling him to through his mind; A voice that incessantly told him where to go, and what to do, driving him mad. Seeing an opportunity, the Authority allowed him to interact with the corresponding RPC-XXXX instance, at the cost of implanting him with a biologically powered recording device. A timeline below of notable experiences within RPC-XXXX-A has been created using said device, see below for further information.

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