name (not included): Capture-Bonded Canvases

Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Gamma-Red Epsilon-White



Hazards: Emotional Hazard, Visual Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Ontological Hazard

Containment Protocols: Region-17 is to be occupied by [at least] 300~ female personnel who are to deploy in squads of 3 to suburbs located within the region when experiencing rainfall. Squads are to work together and search for RPC-XXXX in every suburb affected by rainfall in arrays repeatedly until the region clears of rain. After region-17 clears of rain, before withdrawing, suburbs which have experienced rainfall recently must be checked to ensure that there are no remaining undiscovered RPC-XXXX

Upon discovering an RPC-XXXX instance, squads are to place it in their designated vehicle and continue searching unless the instance has no male present on it. Any squad which discovers an RPC-XXXX instance absent of a depicted male are to patrol its discovery site for the corresponding RPC-XXXX-1 instance. Individuals suspected to be an RPC-XXXX-1 instance are to be assessed for whether they are pursuing an RPC-XXXX instance, questioned, then tranquilized and detained if confirmed.

Site-X is to maintain two separate specialized containment depositories to store RPC-XXXX based on whether a male is present. The primary depository for RPC-XXXX with a male present must have considerable storage space, and each instance contained there must be assigned a camera to monitor changes. While the secondary depository for RPC-XXXX absent of a depicted male must be fitted with a drainage system and cleaned of debris when needed.

Site-X is to involuntarily commit and contain any RPC-XXXX-1 instances sent there until the respective RPC-XXXX decays. RPC-XXXX-1 instances are to be kept from accessing RPC-XXXX unless required by a level 4 researcher for a probe. Any individual previously affected by an RPC-XXXX which has decayed are to be amnesticized, absolved of their designation, and returned home under false pretenses.

Description: RPC-XXXX is the collective designation for a series of oil canvas paintings which occasionally manifest in suburban areas of Region-171 while experiencing rainfall. Locations in which instances of RPC-XXXX materialize are unusual and easily noticed, such as in foliage or on a park bench. Each instance of RPC-XXXX depicts a European woman in a room kneeling over a vacant bed, but differ in the woman’s and rooms appearance.

RPC-XXXX demonstrate further anomalous activity after existing for a brief period of time, usually within minutes. Upon activating, RPC-XXXX select a respective individual to target within a kilometer of its location who are thereby designated as an RPC-XXXX-1 instance. While targeted, instances of RPC-XXXX-1 experience extreme psychological effects such as algopsychalia, dissociation, and depression.

RPC-XXXX manipulate their effects to bring corresponding RPC-XXXX-1 instances to them through negative reinforcement and positive punishment. Negative reinforcement is used by RPC-XXXX by diminishing their effects when corresponding RPC-XXXX-1 instances move closer but inversely proportional to how far they are. RPC-XXXX use positive punishment by amplifying their effects when instances of RPC-XXXX-1 move away or remain still for too long.

RPC-XXXX within 37 meters of a respective RPC-XXXX-1 instance will undergo rapid repainting, making the depicted woman stare at them regardless of visual obstruction. While stared at, RPC-XXXX-1 instances will become manic to obtain RPC-XXXX by any means and observe the woman’s eyes. Upon establishing eye contact, an RPC-XXXX-1 instance will vanish and appear depicted in the bed of the respective RPC-XXXX instance.

RPC-XXXX which have caused their RPC-XXXX-1 instance to disappear undergo a cessation of anomalous activity and thereon periodically alter what it is depicted. Adding or removing items such as food, drink, pillows, syringes, and hammers; changing doors to be open, closed, locked, or modified. Moreover, depicted RPC-XXXX-1 instances are instance to changes in facial expression, and develop injuries which occur often within the first week.

Injuries which depictions of RPC-XXXX-1 instances develop range from minor to fatal and are reversed based on the degree of the depicted injury. Relatively minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes, and facial bruises appear to completely reverse over time. Any depicted RPC-XXXX-1 instance with an injury that would be considered fatal later reappear in another revision without any injuries.

RPC-XXXX which have failed to vanish their respective RPC-XXXX-1 instance within 24 hours will begin to rot and crumble from the margins. While crumbling, RPC-XXXX will release a fluid chemically identical to tears, and emanate a sound resembling a female voice sobbing. Any RPC-XXXX with an RPC-XXXX-1 terminated by any means will respond by emanating a sound similar to a distressed vocalization and vanishing.

Addendum XXXX.01: RPC-XXXX have demonstrated a pattern of whom they target. As of 11/2/1960, all ███ recorded RPC-XXXX-1 instances have been European males eighteen to thirty years of age with histories of depression and/or attachment disorders. Individuals lacking this background have all subsequently been discovered to have previously-undiagnosed cases of these disorders.

Addendum XXXX.02: Windows [when included] in the scenes of RPC-XXXX feature an identical world outside. This world can be described as a surreal urban environment with identical gray cubic buildings divided by foggy brick streets illuminated by antique street lamps. 

Addendum XXXX.03: RPC-XXXX-1 instances when caused to vanish are evidently brought to another dimensional space as a result hereby designated as RPC-XXXX-Є. This became evident due to an off-duty MST, Ralph Driscoll, called Authority staff after vanishing, as seen on local CCTV footage. The phone call, showing radio signals can connect through RPC-XXXX to RPC-XXXX-Є, was cut short due to an unknown assailant and a transcript of it has been attached below.

Addendum XXXX.04: Based on Ralph's statements, the transcript, and information gathered by dispatchers, RPC-XXXX depict RPC-XXXX-Є and hint what is currently happening there. Cross-examining CCTV footage with the transcript convey Ralph and his depiction on the instance of RPC-XXXX gaining injuries at the same time, notably on the chest.

Addendum XXXX.05: An RPC-XXXX-1 instance was selected to probe RPC-XXXX-Є and be implanted with sensors and an experimental device to communicate using a through internal monologue. This experimental implant was selected due to Ralph's statements of hostility toward his cellphone. A log of the first exploration into RPC-XXXX-Є has been attached below.


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