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Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX Death Can't Do You Part


Object Class: Alpha-Yellow Epsilon-Red

Hazards: Meta-Physical, Ideological, Visual, Memetic, Sapient.


RPC-XXXX showing RPC-XXXX-P-1 looming over RPC-XXXX-P-2-12

Containment Protocols: DOESN'T EXIST BUCKO (not written)

Description: RPC-XXXX instances are paintings which illustrate reinterpretations of the same thematic motif; a young Caucasian woman at home, looming over an empty bed, on her knees. Although the scenes are consistent in theme, their content is not, with backgrounds appearing western, baroque, medieval, modern, etc. Furthermore, the woman, designated RPC-XXXX-1, varies in appearance, and clothing that is consistent with the background's style.

RPC-XXXX-1 instances are capable of moving within the illustration, albeit in a limited capacity. The movement of RPC-XXXX-1 instances appear unnatural, flickering, as if it were in frames in an animation. This animation appears to be due to rapid repaintings, within 0.1ms intervals, by unknown means. This movement is, however, locked from the waist down. The majority of detected movement is inconsequential, being actions such as breathing, stretching, yawning, sighing, and etc.

RPC-XXXX instances target one individual each, designated RPC-XXXX-2, in an inadequately understood selection process. RPC-XXXX-2 undergo telepathic influences by RPC-XXXX-2 which accelerates in suggestive power by proximity to RPC-XXXX. RPC-XXXX-2 will subtly take all actions required to see RPC-XXXX, and will avoid avoid informing others of RPC-XXXX's influence, to see RPC-XXXX. It has been noted that RPC-XXXX-2 rarely seek help, and resist the mental influence of RPC-XXXX. To this date, all RPC-XXXX-2 instances have been male, and with the youngest being an estimated ██ years old.

RPC-XXXX-2 whom enter RPC-XXXX-1's field of view will be mentally overwhelmed, causing them to fervently stare back into the RPC-XXXX-1 instance's eyes closely. This results in the dematerilization of the RPC-XXXX-2 at the atomic level, vanishing out of thin air, without a trace.
Consequently, the RPC-XXXX-1 instance will once again loom, but now looking over a bed occupied by a depiction of the corresponding RPC-XXXX-2 instance, RPC-XXXX-2-A.

After the addition of an RPC-XXXX-2 instance to the RPC-XXXX, the scene is given peculiar visual changes. For RPC-XXXX-2-A, this may include facial expressions, bruises, cuts, blood, and physical restraints being placed upon them. Scenic changes include windows being broken, and items such as hammers, cutlery, food, drinks, medicine, and ███████ being introduced to the scene. For RPC-XXXX-1, changes include stained apparel, and shifts in position. It should be noted that the majority of changes disappear on their own accord over time.

RPC-XXXX have been contained continuously contained since 1985, and appear to be repeatedly manifesting within the area of New England. Discovery sites of RPC-XXXX have been exclusively comprised of schools, orphanages, and homes. As a result, RPC-XXXX instances have caused ████ recorded disappearances in the area. RPC-XXXX that have failed to victimize an RPC-XXXX-2, a month after their conception, will gradually crumble, and secrete lacrimation.

Addendum XXX.01: The outside world among RPC-XXXX paintings are consistent in windows, being always depicted as gray, modern, yet primitive. The world looks urban in nature, but uncannily off, the buildings look identical, cubic, gray, and about one story tall. These structures appear mostly featureless, with the windows and doors being the only discernible parts. Furthermore, the streets are separated by a gray brick road and a parallel concrete sidewalk. The overall world appears foggy, empty, and lit by 19th century lamps.

Addendum XXX.02: RPC-XXXX-2 instances that have been dematerialized by RPC-XXXX instances are not terminated in the process. On October 12, 1986, Ralph K. ██████ was dematerialized while at his household, which can be seen with his home security footage. Ralph managed to later contact the authority using a transceiver, albeit for a short period of time, before the connection was prematurely terminated. An audio log showing the conversation has been attached below.

Addendum XXXX.03:
Following the event regarding Ralph, the hostile entity has been confirmed to resemble the RPC-XXXX-1 found on the RPC-XXXX instance seized from his household.Cross examining security footage from Ralph's home with timestamped events from the first audio-log show injuries appearing on RPC-XXXX-2 at the same time, as Ralph was injured, with stab wounds on leg, and choke marks appearing several hours before the phone call. Consequently, it has been determined that RPC-XXXX acts as a looking glass into RPC-XXXX-A, revealing a sliver of the world, and the status of the corresponding RPC-XXXX-1 and RPC-XXXX-2 instances

Addendum XXX.04:
On 1/11/1989, D-class ████ █. ████ came forth, and reluctantly reported that he felt a great deal of pressure to come see something calling him to through his mind; A voice that incessantly told him where to go, and what to do, driving him mad. Seeing an opportunity, the Authority hastily made a deal, allowing him to receive the corresponding RPC-XXXX instance, at the cost of implanting him with a biologically powered recording device. A timeline below of notable experiences within RPC-XXXX-A. has been attached below.


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