DrVodka NDI

Echelon-07 operator, 2008

ISF Division Name: Echelon-07
Founded: 27/6/1979
Primary Recruitment: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada
Lingua Franca: French
Current Leader: Colonel Adrien Molyneux
History: Echelon-07 was founded in 1979 by [REDACTED]. Echelon-07 originally recruited from the French army, but has since expanded to recruit from most French-speaking countries. Echelon-07 was founded with the intent to recruit French-speaking combatants into the Initiative Security Forces, in an attempt to increase the forces of the then-moderate-sized and English only ISF. Echelon-7 has served extensively in regions frequently patrolled by the French army such as Mali and the Middle East.

Upon request, NDI has made special equipment for Echelon-07. Most notably the NDI FAMAS-A3, a modified FAMAS F1 capable of taking STANAG magazines, and adding a recoil dampening system similar to that in the Kriss Vector. However, Plans have been brought up to replace the NDI FAMAS-A3 with the HK416. Echelon-07 is currently the oldest operating non-English speaking division within the ISF.

Infantry: NDI FAMAS-A3 (Modified FAMAS F1), Heckler and Koch USP Service Pistol
Vehicular: AMX Leclerc, VBMR Griffon, VBL, Renault GBC 180

Notable Personnel: A-006/Nadia Vallotton

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