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Research & Intelligence Facility



Established: 19th December, 1984.

Front Cover: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Location: Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Site Occupation: Containment, Research, Medical, Intelligence

Total Area: 38400 m21

Background Information: Site-038 is the Authority's primary research facility for Alpha and Beta Class objects with low threat levels, as well as temporary or long-term storage of Alpha and Beta Class objects retrieved within the Pearl River Delta metropolitan area2. Discussions onto whether to expand Site-038 as a hub for all Authority activities within China or even the entirety of East Asia or to establish a proposed Site-039 at [DATA EXPUNGED] are being made among Global Directors.

Site-038's main power source is supplied by the CLP Corporation Limited alongside the non-anomalous sections of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with an on-site Natural Gas Thermal Power Station as a backup source.

Site-038 is also used for recruitment and training of research staff due to Site-038's location at a university. This includes [DATA EXPUNGED]. As a result, research staff are often professors at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Due to Site-038's unique geographical location, it is also used as a forward base for operations against the People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects.

History: During the 1960s and 1970s, due to the increasing relevance of the People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects, the decision was made by the Authority to establish a forward base within the People's Republic of China in order to reduce the relevancy of the aforementioned Group of Interest, as well as increasing Authority presence in monitoring. As a result, the plans for a Site to be established in China were formulated.

After the announcement of plans for Hong Kong's handover to China in 1979, Global Director 09 proposed that the aforementioned Site be established in Hong Kong while under British influence, who were supportive of the RPC Authority. However, due to the large degree of instability predicted by Global Director 02, the Authority decided that the construction of a new Site from nothing would be too time-consuming, and opted for the modification of an institute for research purposes in order to conserve time. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, then The Hong Kong Polytechnic, was chosen in November 1979, and construction began on 30/12/1979.

Site-038 was established 19/12/1984, though construction would not be fully completed until 16/07/1991. The Hong Kong Polytechnic gained full university status on 25/11/1994, becoming The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and allowing for a higher number of research staff to be recruited.


  • Administrative and Office Core - This core is used to manage the entire facility of Site-038 and the entire Authority operations in Southern China. Only certain staff, MST leaders, researchers, and Global Directors may enter
  • Intelligence Core - Used to monitor all domestic People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects, as well as the housing of MSF Romero-7 and certain agents.
  • Research and Laboratories Core - Separated into three sectors which include: Anomaly Research Sector, Biological and Chemical Sector and Technological Advancements Sector.
  • Medical Core - Mainly used to store medical supplies for requesting sites. However, several advanced medical and surgical equipment is stationed in case of an emergency.
  • Containment Core -

Site Administration

Administrative Officials: [ACCESS DENIED]

  • Site Director: Dr. Stannum Yeung
  • Assistant Site Director: Prof. Timothy Tong
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Dr. Harrison Callaghan
  • Dir. of Site Security: Cap. Antonie Delak
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Mark Palmer
  • Dir. of Intelligence: Dr. Christopher Shum
  • Dir. of Item Transferrals: Dr. Hasan Abdullah

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 10
  • Administrative Assistants: 20
  • Medical Personnel: 26
  • Research Personnel: 1690
  • Security Personnel: 147
  • Intelligence Officers: 398
  • Maintenance Personnel: 65
  • D-Class Personnel: 55

Total: 2411

Garrisoned Mobile Security Teams

  • Romero-7 (Urbanizers)3
  • Juliett-9 (Aperture's Subjects)4

Anomalies Contained


Anomalies Previously Contained


Incident Logs

June 1989 to September 1996
Incident: 945 Research Personnel, 64 Medical Personnel, and 4 Department Heads requested transfers from Site-038 to other Sites, or resigned during this period, causing massive staffing shortages.
Outcome: The nature of this incident was determined to be non-anomalous. Site-038 went into emergency mode and 76% of all research was either met with significant delays or were postponed. Site-038 did not fully recover until September 2014.

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