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Numerical Name: Romeo-7

Codename: Suited Gentlemen

Motto: Once more unto the breach, my friends.

Garrisoned Site: Site-038

Task Force Priorities: CQB Combat, Crowd Control, Asset Retrieval, High-Value Target (HVT) Extraction, Wetwork.

Established: 19th December, 1961

Description: Comprised mostly of former elite tactical unit operatives from urban environments. Romeo-7 predominately operates in metropolitan regions, retrieving assets or undertaking combat roles.

Due to the increasing urbanization of the world after the Second World War, as well as the most significant intelligence breach in the 1950s and the loss of support from 34 nations caused from the failure of Operation [DATA EXPUNGED]1, it was determined by Regional Director Armstrong that the formation of a Mobile Security Team dedicated to operating within metropolitan areas as necessary.

Romeo-7 was initially garrisoned in Site-002, operating within the U.S. West Coast. However, with the increased levels of urbanization in Eastern Asia, as well as the increasing relevance of the People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects within the global anomalous community, Romeo-7 was transferred to █████, Japan in 1972. Romeo-7 was subsequently relocated to Site-038 in 1984 and continues to oversee the conflicts between the PCAAO and the Japanese government.

As Romeo-7 predominately operates within densely populated areas, it is not uncommon for Romeo-7 to be equipped with battledresses of local police tactical units or even two-piece suits. As a result, Romeo-7 has gained the nickname "Suited Gentlemen" within the Authority.

Taskforce Composition

Task Force Officials

  • Anomaly Identification Director: Agent Harrison Carter
  • Task Force Commander: Col. Antonie Perrichon
  • Anomaly Retrieval Director: Det. Misaki Yukinaga
  • Infantry Division Director: Maj. Franklin Cheng
  • Surveillance Division Director: Dr. Andrew Wong

Task Force Personnel

  • Anomaly Identification Operatives: 25
  • Anomaly Retrieval Operatives: 23
  • Infantry Operatives: 240
  • Survelliance Division Personnel: 36
  • Total Personnel: 324


Standard Firearms

  • Combat Knife: Tanto
  • Pistol: Glock-17/Glock-19
  • Submachine Gun: H&K MP5
  • Rifle: SIG Sauer SIG516/H&K G36/SR-16
  • Shotgun: Mossberg 590/Remington 870
  • Sniper: Remington 700
  • Surveillance: Nucorp 10mm Fisheye Lapel Pin Camera
  • Communications: Nucorp "The Thing" Shortwave Watch Microphone

Assigned RPCs


Completed Missions

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